Monday, 11 July 2016

The Light Bulb Moment

The Light Bulb Moment

Quote of the day

‘Did you get that incredible light bulb moment where a transcendent entity of your life came upon you in real-time? A moment where you became aware of your real goals, which formed an incredible impression in your mind and created that unique vision of what life for you can become.’

Welcome to the first day of a new working week, where a real change for you is in the making. You just need to make that connection from a plausible state into an implausible state. A plausible state is a bespoke condition for an individual. It is linked to their goals, their circumstances and their passion. Therefore, such a plausible state makes changes very real, very likely and very reasonable.  Many people have pseudo-goals that don’t really materialise but instead keep them mentally happy. Real Goals on the other hand are selected goals for an individual and differ immensely from another individual. To attain an implausible state usually starts from a light bulb moment. The light bulb moment is the link between a Plausible State and an Implausible State. This is important to understand. Many of us ponder on goals that are not real but imaginary. Therefore, we waste irretrievable time exploring those goals or living by them. We need to reach a plausible state, in other words the starting point to an eventual locus which is linked and governed by time. In the plausible state you conjure up sincere and reasonable goals that you think will alter the destiny of your life for the common good. The plausible state is like the beginning of a rainbow. On the other end of the rainbow is the Implausible state. The arc of the rainbow is the time you take to traverse from the plausible to the implausible state. This is The Light Bulb Moment that triggers you to take action, because you can see the entire rainbow of your life like a miracle bestowed upon you. To get that incredible light bulb moment where a transcendent entity of your life comes upon you in real-time you need to constantly believe in yourself. Once received it will light up within you like a neon light that beams across the fluorescent tube in a flash lighting up the surrounding. Dear Friends, think real, be real and act upon a real impulse. Take the rainbow journey of your life with confidence and tolerance. Start from the plausible state and slowly but surely make your way to the implausible state. Upcoming articles to help you reach the pinnacle of your success are called ‘Identifying your Plausible State’ and ‘Reaching the Implausible State’. Have a wonderful evening, you deserve it because you are indeed a meritocratic human being that believes wholeheartedly in themselves.

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