Monday, 21 March 2016



Quote of the day

‘Determination Eliminates Tragic Errors Recklessly Made In Numerous Attempts That Individuals Occasionally Negotiate.

Welcome to the start of a new day in a new working week in the month of March 2016. Did you have a splendid weekend, fully relaxed and rested and ready to make this week a successful working week. The Easter weekend awaits us. It is a significant weekend in the history of mankind and such significance should make us more determined. Determination is the theme of today’s article. We all make errors in life, some little and some large. Some errors in life can end up as lifelong terrors whilst other errors may never make us attempt anything again in the future. I say onto you and verily too you need Determination as a new keyword in your life because Determination gives you the proven energy to persevere. Can you recall an error that you made, old or new? What effect has this error had in your life. Did it stop you in your track? Did you develop the element of fear? Where you embarrassed? Do not stop, proceed no matter how embarrassed you felt? There is always the first time but never the last time. You cannot be afraid, you should never be swayed, you should never degrade someone that failed and you never feel dismayed. You should always be determined. You should be determined from the core of your intent. If you erred, then determination makes you prepared rather than scared. Determination is internal energy confronting external energy. Internal Energy fires the soul. External energy depresses the soul. When Internal Energy confronts External Energy you have Determination. Determination eliminates errors that often makes you give up. Determination makes you try again. When someone fails they often experience a sense of Oppression and Negation. Determination overcomes this. Oppression occurs when someone takes the mickey. They try to ridicule you, they often harass you. They are cruel and thoughtless. Negation makes you live in denial. You get that often reversal reaction. Why did I do it? Why did I embarrass myself? Why did I waste my time and money? Determination eradicates oppression and negation from your vocabulary. It makes you try again and again. It is very much like riding a bicycle. You just keep trying and trying until you are able to ride again and again. Have a wonderful start to your working week and be determined to accomplish all your tasks in a professional and enthusiastic manner. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend, Anthony Pan.

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