Thursday, 3 March 2016

Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Happy

Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Happy

Quote of the day

‘To initiate motivation you need to become active. An active lifestyle will ensure that you remain healthy and happy.’

Greetings to all of you from good old London Town. Welcome to the 4th day of daily motivation. Today it is about being active. Active people are generally happy and healthy. If you want to be happy and healthy then I suggest becoming active. We need to be active mentally and physically. Coordinating the two creates the bubble for success. Activity is blended with your daily tasks. A memorandum void of daily tasks will result in an inactive day. Our topic for March is Motivation. March for Motility. Why the word motility? Motility is spontaneous action driven by your goals. To be driven you need power goals. Power goals are goals that are real and not fantasy. Loving our life is one thing but to live it is another. In the month of February which I call the month of Positivity we spoke about an important word and that was Fascination. Fascination is what makes goals power goals. If something fascinates you it creates incitement in your blood, in your mind, in your heart and in every cell of your body. The power is so strong that you become a little dynamo waiting to be driven. Wanting to become a Nadal at the age of 50 is not a real goal but a fantasy. Power goals are driven by fascination. What fascinates you will be seen by your enthusiasm to pursue it. This makes you active. The mind is the thinker and the body is the hauler. Fascination gets your mind on work. Procrastination gets your mind off work. Action gets your body to work. Distraction gets your body not to work. Action is the result of attraction. Attraction comes from Fascination. To every action there is a reaction. Good actions create the satisfaction you need in life. Bad actions create the constant dissatisfaction you see daily in the mirror, in your correspondences and in your dreams. Action is good. You have the body to execute commands. You have the body designed to respond to your needs. Inaction is bad. Your body then leaves work unattended. Your body becomes pear shaped as a result. Action is a chain reaction, not just for you but for anyone inspired by your rigorous workout each day. Dear Friends, you need to make a choice. Do you want to waste 86,400 seconds of your day on a wannabe or not want to be? Life is precious even for the caterpillar or the moth or the cocoon that harnesses the various stages of metamorphosis. Be as sly as the fox and as strong as the ox. Be as swift as a cat and as quiet as a rat. Be as aware as the hare and beware of the bear. Be active at all times and never inactive at any time. Takes notes when you need to and eat your oats as you read your daily quotes. Write as much as you can. Use the margins, doodle, fill your memo with a glow and start your day with a momentous road show.  Show the world that you are active. Show them that you are a true custodian of your domain. Live your life by being motivated, motivation comes inspiration. Inspiration comes from Fascinated. I wish you a motivated, inspired and fascinated Thursday. Believe in yourself and let the world then believe in you.

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