Monday, 7 March 2016

Have you been fired?

Have you been fired?

Quote of the day

‘If you have been fired, don’t worry. It is now time to be hired. You are a human being and therefore you will always be admired, desired, inspired and required.’

Welcome to a new working week and a brighter day here in good old London Town. Cold becomes warm. Anger becomes love. Fired becomes hired. Anything changes. Ice changes to water. Water turns to steam. Leaves changes colour. Moods changes too and skin moults. Changes only become effective if the conditions are right and the time is right. Some of you may be fired, this can become worrying. Therefore, I say onto you and verily too, don’t worry if you are fired for it is time to be hired. You are a human being with capabilities and abilities. You are needed into his world. Don’t feel despondent if someone has made you redundant. You are in charge of your life. You are not going to allow someone to make you feel unwanted. You will always be admired by your family, friends and colleagues. We all err and if we did something wrong we should be able to correct it. We will always be desired. You are unique and for your uniqueness there will always be a place for you in this world. You will always be inspired because inspiration is out there like the air that we breathe. If you need to be inspired, then seek it. Do be careful for there are many people out there that pretend to be inspiratory but history shows that some people can be predatory. You are indeed required for The Universe is inundated with vacancies and something befitting as per your needs awaits you. You are not born a plumber, an electrician, a doctor, a janitor, a driver or an author. You are born to serve as sole custodians of your domain. This is your primary objective in life. If you are fired, then now is the time to become hired. Many people in the UK work from home, avoiding the hustle and the bustle of daily commuting and peer pressure. If you are passionate about something such as working from home the opportunities are endless and you can start all over again. I will guide you. I will hold your hand to the right vocation and the right vacation. At Universally Friendly we always care, share and remain fair. So, if you started this morning with a feeling of resentment, rejection or unemployment, worry no more. Do the birds worry about where they shall sleep tonight or what shall they eat tomorrow? They believe in their natural instincts and go about their daily routine without worrying. Worrying has a zero effect and in extreme cases a totally negative effect. Worry no more. Speak to me about your problems I will tailor make a solution for you. Why? Why would I do this for you? 21 years ago I worried endlessly to a point of suicide. I was penniless, homeless and destitute. Help came to me in a flash of a light. It was befitting to my needs. There was no peer pressure and there was no money to outlay. I was given a new lease of life. I was given a new beginning. I was able to identify my purpose in life. I was willing to work. 21 years later I feel so invigorated by a new day, a new friend, a new goal, a new life, a new prospect and a new concept. I am free. I am free from the rigorous peer pressures that vexes you for the rest of your working life. Today and I say onto you and verily too, open the doors to opportunities. Work from home but let me show you the way. Have a wonderful working week. Let no one come in your way and tell you otherwise. So no to abuse. Say no to pressure. Say no to stress. Say no to debt. So no to violence. Say no to negativity. Say yes to love. Say yes to spirituality. Say yes to positivity. Say yes to Inspiration. Say yes to Fascination. Say yes to Motivation.

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