Friday, 4 March 2016



Quote of the day

‘Knowledge is the foundation to Realisation for without knowledge there is no foundation to succeed. Knowledge over time creates wisdom and wisdom over time creates the path to eternity.’

Welcome to the end of our 1st working week in March, it is good to have you on board. Thank you once again for your kindness and appreciation. Sorry not to send personal appreciations as I have been away from my desktop. Will do so in the next few days. Today’s topic is about knowledge, which is part of our motivational journey down river to the ocean of intelligence. Without knowledge there is an ambiguous journey downstream, where our journey is controlled by the currents rather than our forbearance. Life is a journey made up of days, months, years and a new life often referred to as an afterlife. Travelling downstream into the ocean of intelligence without a purpose, a course or control often leaves you under the control of someone else. You are an independent person capable of making your own decisions. It is my job to help you make the right decisions. To make the right decisions you need knowledge. Knowledge can be likened to an infamous tool because if used incorrectly can land you in a spot of trouble. You need to use knowledge as a reputable tool whereupon decisions made by you are the right ones rather than the wrong ones. March into March is about the motivational approach to succeed in life. It is about acquiring knowledge and applying it correctly to your needs. Take a loaf of bread. You can decide to make it, bake it or buy it. To make it, bake it or buy it requires knowledge. To make it or bake it requires more knowledge than buying it. Knowledge is free but the application to use it comes with time, patience and practice. Time is infinite, patience is unlimited and practice is unknown. Time is indeed infinite; at its base it can last for a second. However, at its highest point it could last a lifetime. Some of us are able to bake a loaf of bread whilst others prefer to buy. Those that buy do not have the patience needed to knead dough. Patience is unlimited for some but limited to others. Practice is unknown. A meritocratic Gaol Setter never gives up and will practice until he or she gets it right. Practice in some could be tenuous or strong. The strong prevail and the weak generally fail. Sometimes knowledge is general knowledge. A person that prefers to buy a loaf of bread has general knowledge of bread. They know how bread is made and they understand the variations in bread throughout the world. They will continue to buy but retain general knowledge for the betterment of themselves.  General knowledge is good. With general knowledge we are able to understand what is good and what is bad. We can distinguish between sweet and sour. We can identify hardships from comfort and we can differentiate anger from calmness. Bespoke knowledge is what I refer to as the mastery of information relevant to your needs: A Pilot to navigation, an Electrician to electrons, a florist to a petal, a baker to flour, a doctor to prescriptions and a narrator to descriptions. Dear Friends use knowledge to advance forward. General knowledge for the general use of things and Bespoke knowledge to the specific nature of your vocation. Have a wonderful Friday and may I take this opportunity to wish you a restful and relaxing weekend.

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