Saturday, 5 March 2016

Weekly Goals with Real Objectives

Weekly Goals with Real Objectives

Quote of the day

‘Accomplishing bigger goals in life starts by attempting smaller versions of it. To save a pound is easier than to save £1,000,000. To lose a kilo of weight is easier to lose 10 kilos of weight. Start by conquering smaller goals and end it with an accumulative result.’

Welcome to the 1st weekend of March. Welcome to your period of personal rest and relaxation. Weekends are a stress-free environment for you to recluse and to be loose. It is time to recluse and spruce. It is time to recluse and reduce. It is time to recluse and use. It is a time to recluse and deduce and it is a time to recluse and profuse. It is your time where the whip of the higher ranks has no effect on you and the grip of pressure from others has no real value. It is a time for you to fly to cloud nine and look down below and say to yourself when I go back to my daily grind on Monday I shall do better. To achieve this incredible dream, you need to start with small goals which I call weekly goals. Let us expand on this by calling it Weekly Goals with real objectives. What this really means is taking something colossal and making it tiny. Tiny segments make up the colossal picture. If you are overweight by 30 kilos, then divide this by 52 weeks. Your tiny segment is then approximately 0.6 kilos a week. The Real objective is to lose 30 kilos but the weekly goal is to shed 0.6 kilos. If your debt is £35,000 then divide this by a weekly segment that is realistic such as 208 weeks which gives you £168 per week. Smaller goals with realistic objectives becomes easier. Most of us fall into a trap by committing to larger goals and giving up before they can even start. A credit card debt of £3000 can take over 7 years to clear and will cost considerably more. Depending on the interest rates it could be as much as £8,400. Dear Friends, use this weekend to create weekly goals with real objectives and let me help you to eradicate them. Always remember that to every problem there is a solution. With 300 days left to the New Year how do you envisage your life? Using the concept of weekly goals with real objectives will give you a clearer picture. One of my articles for March is called ‘Recluse’. It is imperative that you keep a copy of article that is pertinent to your needs. It is absolutely free. I am here to help because I was once given help. A life with problems is a difficult life. A life embedded in solutions is a life worth living for.  I wish you a superb weekend. May you rejoice in all that you think, do or say.

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