Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Character Harmonisation

Character Harmonisation

Quote of the day

Character Harmonisation Adds Real And Creative Touches Every Representation.’

Good day to you and welcome to another day in another week and in another month of another year in a new life on planet Earth. Yes, indeed it is a new life when you want to start all over again. Some people in their next life they would like to do this or that. I say onto you and verily too you are alive and you have a life and the ability to do anything that your heart desires. If it is real, it will become real. If it is unselfish it will materialise. If you have passion and desire nothing is impossible. Character Harmonisation helps. Character Harmonisation is the ability to piece together or coordinate essential qualities that makes you likeable. What are these qualities that the world is looking for? Temperament is one of them. Personality is another. Strength is a must and tolerance is a necessity. Integrity is good, Love is even better. Originality is a quality that people like. Harmonise these words together and you will have the PISTOL to fire and the Character to be admired by. PISTOL stands for Personality, Integrity, Strength, Tolerance, Originality and Love. PISTOL is another keyword to add to your list of keywords. Personality is ones Persona that the world sees. It is visible and it is powerful. It is visible because you can see it. It is powerful because it can affect someone. A good Personality has a good effect on someone whereas a bad Personality as a bad effect. Every day when you present yourself to the world you need to be real and creative. I say real because I want you to be real on the inside as well as on the outside. It does not make real sense to smile at someone but deep inside you despise them. You must love someone genuinely. Integrity is one’s honesty. You need to speak the truth and you need to be truthful to yourself. Can you see the harmonisation? It is all about coordinating keywords to create a melody of joy and happiness? You cannot be half baked, you have to coordinate keywords to become fully baked. Strength is needed to sustain, maintain and contain your daily deeds. Doing good for the moment is not sufficient, you need to be good at all times. Strength is essential to perform this. Strength is not only about muscle strength but the mentality to strengthen you muscles. Good food creates good moods. It builds your strength and it maintains your temperament. You cannot snap at someone for no reason. Neither can you be nice for the moment. Your smile must echo from your heart. You need to be genuine. You need to be Real and Creative. Tolerance is a vital tool to survive. If you turn a blind eye or look over your shoulder people will admire you for your tolerance. They will see you as a fine example. They will like your Originality. They will admire your creativity. They will understand you a lot better. Finally, you have to exhibit love from the bottom of your heart. Love is tender and so are you. Love is pure and so are you. Love is divine and so are you. Love is eternal and so are you. Love is fragrant and so are you. Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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