Sunday, 20 March 2016

FAITH – Part 2

FAITH – Part 2

Quote of the day

 ‘From the power word FAITH radiates keywords to help you on a daily basis. When you encounter these keywords you need to go back to the source and reinstate your faith.’

A blessed Sunday to you Dear Friends. Welcome to an official day of rest. It is your day let alone your weekend to unwind, rewind and become fine again. Thank you ever so much for all your support on a daily basis, without such an immense feedback I might have stopped writing further articles. You give me courage in the same way I got courage. You give me love because you genuinely mean it. You give me strength because I give you inspirational strength. You give me the passion and desire in the way I try to give you passion and desire. For your friendship I shall always set aside time to write to inspire, to create to motivate and to offer what I deem suitable for you. It is your duty to keep in touch and bring forth your problems because all problems are solvable. Financial difficulties are the easiest problems to resolve yet we all make it the most difficult one.  Survival in this torrid and greedy world of commerce where the rich get richer and the poor become poorer is difficult. However, when you have FAITH no man can topple you, no animal can throttle you and no financial institute can gobble into your bank balance. Let us now look at keywords that radiate from the power word called FAITH. Reliance is one of the keywords. Reliance is having FAITH in Almighty GOD and having FAITH in the good men and women that strive to create endless opportunities for all. Another word is Adoration. Adoration is about Love. It is about genuine and sincere worship and it is about admiration for our Heavenly Father, Religion is a conduit to the heavens above. We all have different Faiths but little do we realise that it all leads to the same aperture of hope. Another keyword is Assurance. Assurance is about building your confidence in our living world and establishing your real purpose in life and how to go about it. Devotion is a daily commitment that human beings make to serve and to care for their domain. Every domain that we occupy holds its own responsibilities. Based on religious observances we can travel smoothly to ensure enrichment in the lives of so many. Mind-set is another keyword to remember. A clear and defined and positive mind-set can create a better path for others to follow. Most professional people focus on their vocation and their vacation. A true follower always looks at the overall context of all living creatures. Mystical Miracles is another keyword to latch onto. Miracles occur all the time. Are we ready to accept them? Is our FAITH strong enough? Ideas are always floating above the ionosphere. Is your idea a genuine one and a positive one? Will your idea change the next second for the better or is your idea based on your own comfort and desire? Fondness also springs to mind. Fondness is the attachment that people have to create the dreams that can change their comfort zone. Fondness makes you stronger as you relentless pursue something genuinely strong and good. Judgement is another keyword to recall. Judgement is not about judging someone else but about judging you. It is about characterising your performance in the second that passed you and about characterising yourself in the second that awaits you. Conviction is your ardent belief in Almighty GOD. It is the Creation and the purpose of it. It is about life and the importance of living it. It is about building a character reference to pass on to the next level of your eternal life. FAITH indeed is a power word that can change your life for the common good. Attach to FAITH are keywords of which I highlighted just a few. Remember these connotations of words that link to one power word called Faith. Have FAITH in all that you do, think or say. Have a wonderful Sunday. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend – Anthony Pan.

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