Wednesday, 23 March 2016



Quote of the day

‘Strategy is the intelligent Science and Provocative Art of working together as a team to make life happier, peaceful, productive and loving. It employs several proven methods which includes being proactive, visionary and analytical.’

A very warm welcome to ALL my Dear Friends from around the world on this 23rd day of March 2016. It is also our midweek. It is our mid-week analysis of our progress, our finesse and of our success. Get these three important phases of our lives in order and we will be ready to go. To maintain a fruitful strategy to long-term success there are key elements to put into place first. Firstly, we need to have a vision of today, tomorrow and for the rest of our life on planet Earth. To take this one step further we need to have a vision of our afterlife and of our quest to do better forever and ever. The second step is to remain proactive. Being proactive is to amalgamate previous experiences in life with new experiences in life. What was your previous experiences in life like? Was it good, bad or you cannot remember. Sadly, we have to try to remember. If it was good, then we need to maintain this standard. If it was bad, we need to recall these experiences and bring them to light to establish what went wrong and how can we correct it. Thirdly, we need to market our ideas not necessarily for resale like in a trade convention but rather for a weighed comprehension. If you live with your wife and your children, then your family members constitute your team. As a team you need to aim for a happier, peaceful, productive and loving life. To market your proposals for a happier, peaceful, productive and loving life every member of the team needs to understand your ideas. The next step is planning. If the team agrees, then the team needs to plan. Planning as a team makes workloads more divisible and doable. Strategy is definitely a Science and an Art that needs to be cultivated with perseverance and determination. Next comes the solution. Any action taken by any team member results in a solution. A team member does not act on their own. They work according to their agreed agenda. Put the dirt out. Cook the suggested menu. Wash the car. Each workload is a divisible and doable task, once completed a solution or a much needed result is created. Sometimes solutions do not turn out as planned. Therefore, the team needs to go back and review their plan of action. Every team member understands that they are in business. At the end of the day it is all about dollars and cents. Each team member understands the value of money and they understand about wastages, profit and time management. Management of one’s time is a vital strategy to survival in the modern world. Each team member must understand this and value every second that passes them. Analytical consensus should be a daily ritual. It creates conversation at the dinner table. It brings forth ideas. It looks at ways to improve on tomorrow and it brings value and support to the team as a whole. Do formulate a definite strategy in all areas of your life. Form a team and believe in each other. Collaborate when the need arises. Successful businesses work on similar models. They demonstrate with skill and they contemplate to avoid unnecessary bills. Be the greatest team in the world. Love one and another. Love what you do and love your life. Build on success. Let your success be rooted in a fertile soil of happiness, serenity and creativity. Settle for nothing less. Have a wonderful midweek. With best wishes from your eternal friend, Anthony.

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