Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Spring to Action

Spring to Action

Quote of the day

‘Spring is not too far away, so why not Spring into Action. In Spring seeds start to sprout bringing a new generation of life. Therefore, always look at the start of Spring as a golden opportunity for you to start a new life and set forth a new generation.’

Greetings to you on the best day of the year where the skies are liberated from the clouds creating an energised feeling of newness, freshness and greatness. This is the spirit of a new beginning, of a new generation, of a new season and of a new life. This is where tranquillity nullifies chaos. This when serenity takes control of the Earth and triggers the birth and the rise of majestic greenery. This when The Master creates colours and hues that are beyond your imagination where the natural floristry comes into bloom. This is where calmness falls onto the torrid seas and where the mammals of the oceans make their sonic appearance. This when the birds create symphonies that once inspired Bach, Beethoven and Strauss. This where some animals dance the ballerina of the ancient worlds and the rumba of the modern age. This is when the earthworms dig deeper to ventilate and to irrigate. This when the early bird regretfully catches the worm. This is when creepers creep like slithering creatures into the matrix of roots, stems and twigs. This is when the moon shines at its brightest and sets the stars flickering into the distance showing you the way now and the way before. This is the time when you Spring into action and get your yearly does of Vitamin D. This is the time when you make a new headway into the horizon of your personal dreams. This is when you can see the day clearer as the Sun shines at its brightest and when the moon becomes nearer. This is the time to leap into action. This is time to honour Easter with all your heart and with immense glory. This is when the heavens light up and bring the angels closer to our hearts and assigns guardian angels to each living organism. This is when life makes sense and when sense becomes common-sense and where the purpose of our lives commences. This is when the air becomes saturated with frankincense and all the impurities from the atmosphere gets washed away. This is the season when butterflies hover above you and around in a romantic way and when hummingbirds hums a silent tune. This is when the LORD touches your heart with benevolence and when you touch the LORD with reverence. Dear Friends, it is time to Spring into Action. It is time to be renew your goals. It is time to turn on your headlights and see your future. It is time to be in tune with the harmony of Spring. Have a wonderful evening and always remember that whatever your problem is a solution awaits you.

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