Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Are you ready for a miracle?

Are you ready for a miracle?

Quote of the day

‘Miracles are happening all the time. You just need to be ready to accept it. Those that are fascinated acknowledges miracles. Those that procrastinate let miracles slips away.’

Welcome to midweek. Thank you for tuning in. It is unduly appreciated. Do you get fascinated by a magician who baffles you with the disappearance of something and the reappearance of something else. Would you be equally fascinated by a miracle if a problem that you are facing disappears and a solution for life reappears. Miracles and Magic are quite different. Miracles are divine interventions whilst magic is man’s conniving intentions. What do you want in life? Do you want to resolve your problems with the help of man or do you want the help of GOD? Man has a reputation to mislead you. He is not a problem solver but a problem creator. You need a miracle. Miracles are very diversified. You cannot hope on a miracle to become Messi at 45 years of age. You have to be ready to accept miracles. Your request must be reasonable, real and creative. We spoke about Character Harmonisation yesterday. If you request is unreasonable, unreal and unimaginative then all you will receive is a passion to play football. Dear Friends, the purpose of this article is to tell you do not worry if something is troubling you. Establish what your problem is and then seek a miracle. Are you committed to overcome your troubles? Are you ready to receive a miracle? Miracles are from above are carried through the ionosphere by your guardian angel. Be prepared to receive it. Have faith. Never give up on any problem that you are facing. ALL problems are resolvable. I wish you a wonderful and peaceful evening. May your miracle touch you with the right prescription to overcome your dilemma.

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