Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Quote of the day

‘The Resurrection signifies a new beginning for you. It is about the revival of your unique spirit to succeed. It is a renaissance to a new page in your life. It is the Restoration of your inner self to display your true outer abilities. It also is the Revivification of your true human qualities to serve our Heavenly Father with great sincerity, untainted devotion and undivided love.’

A very, very Happy Easter to all my friends from around the world. I wish you a wonderful, relaxing and serene weekend. It is an official Four days of celebration and it is also 345,600 seconds of acceptance rather than renunciation. May all your dreams rise above the pinnacle of your immense success and may you live your life with constant love, devotion and dedication. May the flow of happiness and joy deluge your home and stay there forever and ever. May you rise to stardom in the faculty of your choice and may you be appreciated for all the good deeds that you do. May you be blessed with the greatest gift on planet Earth and that is the ability to live and to live for the full duration of your stay. May every second of your life be enjoyed in peace and harmony and may you transcend the limitations of your abilities. May harmony fall into the matrix of your family unity, your working environment and the pavements of your life. Let every petal that maketh the flower be part of your life and let every leaf that maketh the tree be acknowledged for their importance. Let the reindeers cross the road without harm for they mean no harm. Let the foxes enter your garden without being chased away. Let the birds flourish in the water bath in your garden and let the butterflies pollinate the flowerbed that you created. Let there be sunshine in your blood and passion and desire in your actions. Easter helps you to understand your importance in life. Give an Easter egg to a child and watch them crack open their adventure to a new world of opportunities. Give an Easter egg to adult and watch how they shall change the limitations of their lifestyle into a life of abundance. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Go well, be well and do well in the years to come.

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