Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Children of our World

Children of our World

Quote of the day

‘Add the presence of children to your stressful day and you will create a successful evening. Add children to your future and you will create a lifetime of memories. Add children to your life and you will become a child again.’

A very happy Easter Saturday to you from me Anthony Pan seated in front of my writing desk here in good old London Town. Thank you for finding the time to read my inspirational tweets despite your heavy schedule in your day. I am unduly grateful for this and will make available inspirational material for your reference in various formats to suit your needs. For more parables from words of our divine LORD don’t forget to read my newsletters, specially created for your viewing pleasure. Today I want to talk about our children, our progenies of tomorrows world. Children bring a candle of hope and love to our hearts. They bring joy to every second of our lives and instil happiness in our hearts. They bring harmony to the household and they create colour, humour and fun to every dreary moment that we bring home. Look at a child and you will see innocence. Embrace a child and you shall feel love. Speak to a child and you will feel better. Listen to a child and you shall become wiser. Follow a child and you will inherit the fruits of life. Play with a child and you shall become a child. Walk with a child and you will see beauty in a different way. Read with a child and you will become more intuitive. Sleep with a child and you shall dream like a child. Children of the world are magical, beautiful, divine, sweet, charming, loving, charismatic and captivating. If you are feeling stressed look into the eyes of a child and you will become less stressed. Build on wonderful memories with children. Flip through the pages of your life and for every successful day that you had you will always find that children made it possible. Spend special moments in your day to appreciate the value and love of our children. Without children we shall be no more. Have a wonderful Easter Saturday and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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