Saturday, 19 March 2016

FAITH – Part 1

FAITH – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘To ascertain your FAITH you need to show a certain degree of Fascination, Aspiration, Inspiration, Transformation and Harmonisation. Faith is a lifelong commitment and is the conduit that keeps you alive from birth to eternity.’
Welcome to this wonderful Saturday Dear Friends and may you be blessed with love and speckles of stardust from the heavens above. It is great to have you on board. The world is like an oyster of immense beauty protected with layer of impenetrable air. You too are a glorious individual with a fundamental purpose in life, to serve and to be loved. Let no one deny you of your privileges in life. To sustain your efforts, to maintain your existence, to retain your status, to remain happy, to contain your emotions and to attain your goals you need FAITH. You need FAITH in Almighty GOD, to do this I suggest carrying the TAG formula with you at all times. We spoke about this in great detail in previous articles. To remind you TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. You need to have FAITH in yourself which is the essence of today’s article. To do this you need a certain degree of Fascination, Aspiration, Inspiration, Transformation and Harmonisation. We spoke in great detail about Fascination, Aspiration, Inspiration and Harmonisation in the past. Today I want to talk about Transformation. Before we do this let us highlight the words Fascination, Aspiration, Inspiration and Harmonisation. Fascination Allures Successful Candidates in Never-ending Aspirations Through Inspirational Opportunities and Nobilities. In other words, Fascination actually triggers you to create defined goals. It makes you dream about it and awake to something worth working towards. Aspirations are the plans on paper of what really attracts you. Fascination created the momentum to set things in motion. Inspiration is like a divine intervention that makes you pursue a goal or a series of goals. If your goal or goals are unselfish then you are guaranteed to achieve them. That is GOD’s promise to you. Your commitment is that all your actions must be unselfish. Transformation is the process of taking a goal from the opulence of The Universe and allowing it to manifest over time into something real and tangible. Transformation changes you too. It turns poverty into riches. It turns ignorance into knowledge. It turns badness into goodness. It turns rivals into allies. It turns illness into wellness. It turns loneliness into companionship. It turns sadness into happiness. It all started from a simple but potent word called Fascination. Fascination is like a magnet and you are like a magnetic material. The attraction will always be there. If there is no attraction, then there is no passion and desire for you in that particular field. Don’t force something upon you. This will then be futile. This where the Harmonisation comes into play. You need to harmonise. Whatever you choose in life you need to be happy about it. If you choose to get married, then you and your spouse need to be in agreement. GOD’s plan for marriage is one man for one woman for one lifetime. You cannot enter into such an arrangement if there is discord or disharmony. Harmonisation moulds everything conceivable together and forever. What fascinates you at the very onset should exist forever. The flower pot in your front window sill remains there because you chose to put it there. Every year that plant will produce a flower. The world will see it. You will see it. Some maybe fascinated by it whilst others will not even notice it. It all started with the word Fascination. You were fascinated by a particular flower and that flower will always be there as long as you want it to be. FAITH is a powerful medium that cannot be fully recognised but it can be analysed. You need FAITH to succeed. You need FAITH to feed. You need FAITH when it is time to read. You need FAITH to proceed in your daily deeds. You need FAITH to avoid greed and you need FAITH to be freed. You need FAITH to perform your good deeds and to lead in your field. Dear Friends I urge you to have FAITH in all that you do, think or say. I urge you to have FAITH in Almighty GOD.

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