Sunday, 6 March 2016

Joy to the world - Happy Mother's Day

Joy to the world

Quote of the day

‘Joy to the world is the greatest donation you can commit to. It does not cost a cent but makes an incredible sense. It is time well spent and brings content to the hearts of many.’

A very Happy Mother’s day to ALL my friends from around the world. I wish you joy in your heart and happiness in your life. I wish you a spirited life filled with the spirit of living it. I wish you an eternal life and the wisdom needed to enjoy it. I wish you endless satisfaction in all that you do from the simple things like a smile to the more difficult things liking making someone else smile. I wish you delight in the rhythm of your day from twilight to limelight and from daylight to moonlight. I wish you a happiness at the brink of dawn where your responsibilities start and I wish you happiness at the blink of dusk where your responsibilities end. I wish you the finest romance in your life where you are caressed with dignity and blessed with chivalry. Have an abundant day and may the good LORD shower you with HIS choicest blessings. Joy to the world is what we need to commit to. Joy to the world is what we need to admit to. Joy can be likened to an alloy of happiness and enjoyment infused in a bond of spirituality. Do you know the feeling that I am referring to? It is a feeling where the rainbows make sense, where the stars are full of suspense and the air smells like frankincense. When you are touched by such a feeling you will know the real meaning of joy. It is like a blend of happiness and enjoyment sandwiched in a duvet of comfort. When you are touched by such a feeling you then need to release it to those that are not aware of it. Such a humane contribution will change how the world feels and looks. It will brighten the skies and create harmony amongst all. It will create blossoms in the meadows that will look pretty awesome. It will purify the air and beautify the landscape. It will multiply the butterflies, bees and birds and it will simplify the work of the industrial workers of nature that work laboriously each day. It will rectify the landfills and turn them into foothills of fertility and gentility. It will exemplify the purpose of man and woman. It will personify the character of man and woman to teach them to love once again and to multiply by responsibility rather than irresponsibility. This is the real definition of joy. This is the employment of the word joy and its implementation in the modern world. Dear Friends, to assist in creating wonderful dreams you need to be wonderful in your heart, in your mind, in your soul and in your actions. You need to love everything. You need to live with joy and you need to radiate joy to keep love alive and tender. Don’t start tomorrow without joy in your heart, soul, mind and actions. Let every letter of your agenda be gripped with joy. Let the new working week be different to the previous one and let the sun shine direct upon the openness of your intent. Let Mothers be mothers every day. Love them, caress and appreciate them. Be gentle with them as they were gentle with you. Be tolerant over them for they were tolerant with you. Be considerate in their needs as they were considerate towards your needs. Be the caring, sharing and fair person that you are capable of. Do this daily and watch how joyous your life will become.Have a wonderful Sunday and go to bed with the intent of getting up tomorrow with the zest to live joyously.

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