Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The closer you get, the greater you will become.

The closer you get, the greater you will become.

Quote of the day

‘The closer you get, the greater you will become. Closeness can be viewed in two ways. The first way is to look at closeness as loving someone rather than hating them. Secondly closeness could be viewed as your nearness to fulfilment or accomplishment of a project or a given task or a golden goal.’

Bonus Quote

‘Every deed that is done with good intentions can always be likened to the Sun that rises in the east and sets amicably in the west. As it does it sets forth a new beginning for the first half of the global sphere that gets up to resume where they left off and a tally end to the second half of the global sphere that goes to sleep in the moonlight of another day in the history of life.’

Welcome to the last midweek of March 2016. It has been a very motivational month for me, I pray that you felt the same. It is not about my success that maketh my day or my life but it is also about your success too. If you succeed, then I feel that I have succeeded too. The closer we get, the greater we shall become. Closeness can certainly be viewed in two possible ways. Closeness can be likened to a chandelier amongst friends. Each bulb in the fusion of light brings upon a harmony of togetherness forever and ever. Friendship is a like a platform of uniformity, each friend in the foundation of uniformity makes a contribution towards conformity. With friends you can travel to limitless destinations without fear and without hesitation. Closeness brings such friends together forever. To love another human being for the rest of your life makes you secure. To love over 7 billion human beings makes you pure and mature. Such a close relationship opens the doors to everlasting fellowship. The other way to view closeness is to attempt your tasks or goals or projects with the passion and desire it deserves. As you seek accomplishment and fulfilment you propel yourself towards greatness. I cannot stress the true significance of greatness rather than to say that it is impressive, progressive and expressive. Greatness makes you sets standards for others to follow. Greatness changes the face of the world and makes us glitter in the vastness of The Cosmos. A fulfilled goal will always enlighten your soul. A completed task will always mask the protracted feeling of procrastination. An accomplished project will always reflect your true abilities and will always make you perfect amongst the doers of good. Dear Friends, of whom you shall always remain, exercising good deeds on a daily basis or an hourly basis will make you consistent in your approach to life. You will be like the Sun, so bright and so enormous and so energised. You will rise like the Sun at the break of dawn. You will settle down like the Sun at dusk like when the birds settle down under the shelter of a nearby tree. Your good deeds will radiate into the atmosphere of life giving others the hope to cope and the will to develop a skill. Without the Sun where will we be? Without light there will be darkness. Without sight of our destiny we will wander into the wilderness without a cause. Dear Friends, I say onto you and verily too, the closer you get, the greater you will become. Strength in your body is the powerhouse to perform work on a daily basis. Strength in your mind is powerhouse to create work. Strength in your soul is the powerhouse to live on forever and ever. Strength in your belief is the powerhouse to relief. Strength in your household is the powerhouse to happiness. Strength in your neighbourhood is the powerhouse to harmony. Strength in your city is the powerhouse to peace. Strength in your culture is the powerhouse to sustain agriculture. Strength in friendship is the powerhouse to exchange ideas from agriculture to peace, from harmony to happiness and from relief to belief. I wish you a wonderful midweek and as we slowly prepare to say farewell to March I want us to look forward to April. April is the month for Productivity. March was the month of Motility. February was the month of Positivity. January was the month of Activity. Take good care. Look after your seconds as you would look after your pennies. Every penny makes up your fortune. Every second is part of your precious life. Lose a penny and you shall weaken your fortune. Lose a second of your life and your never be able to retrieve it again.

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