Thursday, 10 March 2016

To De or not to De

To De or not to De

Quote of the day

‘Removing or adding the prefix ‘de’ to some words can change the perspective of your life for the common good. Such an alteration in life is something worth considering when times are tough.’

Welcome to a more Spring like weather today after experiencing quite a cold and blustery winter in good old London Town. March is the month to take action. To help us to take the right action we are going to use the prefix ‘de’. We are going to add the prefix ‘de’ to some troubling words and we are also going to remove the prefix ‘de’ to other troubling words. Let us see what happens when we do this. Toxify is a word that is of no benefit to you or me. Too much of the wrong intake can lead to unpleasantness. Add the prefix ‘de’ and you have the word detoxify. A good detoxifier is Beetroot smoothies. A glass a day keeps the toxins away. To make a beetroot smoothie add chopped boiled beetroot in a blender. This is available already boiled in Aldi for just 39p. Then add I ripened banana cut into slices. Add some honey for a sweeter taste and then some crushed walnuts. Add 500 ml of semi-skimmed milk and blend to create a distinct smoothie that you will love. From the word Destabilisation remove the Prefix and create a new YOU called Stabilisation. Always remember that stability equals reliability. To the word cent that often gets cast into the fiery furnace add the prefix ‘de’ to form the potent word decent. A decent person will always pick up every cent and accumulate it to make financial sense. To the word liver add the prefix ‘de’ to create the word deliver. Always learn to deliver the best in everything that you do including the intake to your liver. To the word demoralisation remove the prefix ‘de’ to create the word moralisation. Demoralisation is a feeling of rejection and discouragement. Moralisation is the ability to distinguish between good and bad. To the word fine add the prefix ‘de’ to create the word define. Many of us fear the dreaded word fine but if we learn to define our actions we can easily avoid the fine. To the word degrade remove the prefix ‘de’ to create a new word called grade. Many people live to degrade. I say onto you and verily too learn to grade yourself first before degrading others. To the word demerit remove the prefix ‘de’ to create a new power word at your disposal and that word is called merit. We all like to demerit someone for some reason or the other. From today try to merit someone for their presence and their purpose. Take away the Demonism in life and you will get the monism of life. Which is better, the demon in you or the demon out of you. To the word termination add the prefix ‘de’ and you will get the much needed word called determination. Do you have the determination to pursue something worthwhile or do you have the inclination to terminate something before you can start it? Determination creates winners. Termination is the general terminology for losing. Dear Friends, power words are much needed in today’s rat race. When trouble looms change certain words to create a different atmosphere. Have a pleasant evening and rest well in preparation of tomorrow. With love and best wishes – Anthony Pan

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