Friday, 11 March 2016

The Key to Success

The Key to Success

Quote of the day

‘The Key to Success is about finding success in others rather than yourself. Successful people carry a trait in them revealing special techniques, implementations and passion in what they do, think or say. From these qualities we can become influenced to do better or the same.’

They teach us tolerance from intolerance. They teach us about patience from impatience. They are passionate about what they do and are always compassionate to other human beings. They walk in steady strides and don’t take any sides. They are honest and usually keep to their promise. They are dedicated human beings that work steadily and readily. You can tell success from failure when you look at them. Who is successful and who isn’t. I believe that we are all successful if we implement special techniques in whatever we do. I call these The Laws of Success. Not necessarily in the right order the first law is about Loving to live and living to love. Just by changing a few words in the above sentence such as love to hate can bring success to a dead end. You should always be determined to love your life rather than hate it. This is a trademark of a successful person. The second law of success states that you should always follow a set of instructions that has previously worked. In other words, don’t reinvent the wheel. The third law of success states that nothing will go wrong if you do the right things. This is so pertinent to your success. If you do not know how to do it, then don’t do it. Get help. The fourth Law of Success states that to every good action you will always get a good reaction. So why not implement a good deed a day. If good deeds give good results, then surely this is what you want in life. The fifth law clearly states that you should always manage your time. Time equated to 86,400 seconds per day is your greatest asset. Therefore, to succeed in life you need to follow successful people. You need to study their techniques and implement the ones pertinent to your needs. I wish you a wonderful evening and more importantly a superb weekend.

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