Friday, 18 March 2016


Quote of the day
‘Tranquillity is the unique ability to release oneself from the confines of one’s hostility, volatility, instability, vulnerability and irritability. Tranquillity is about finding one’s civility, stability, amiability, responsibility and suitability. Tranquillity is one’s equanimity to their outer world and one’s serenity to their inner world. Tranquillity gives you a peace of mind, harmony in your soul and calmness in your muscles.’
Welcome to Friday, the ultimate day to unlock the shackles of your weekly grind and find inner peace to a weekend that belongs to you. Your weekly grind can make you hostile, volatile, instable, vulnerable and quite irritable. Such emotions often create unnecessary stress. Therefore, we need to release ourselves from such emotions. Weekends helps but you need to be the first to ACT. Togetherness is good starting point. Togetherness helps release stress. Togetherness bonds friends forever. Eating healthy foods also helps to make you unwind. Engaging with nature opens your eyes to enormous opportunities. Children often bring laughter to your heart. In return you need to give them the desire to laugh. Pets make you jolly. They make you get-up-and-go. They have a better understanding of your emotions than anyone else Hobbies are an excellent pastime. Hobbies are plentiful, you just need to be bountiful to one and another. Prayers helps you transcend the boundaries of normality. It makes you journey to the stars using meditation as a carrier. Angels remove the unevenness in your life and often bring the sounds of nature right to your doorstep. Tranquillity makes you live longer. It revitalises your body from head to toe and from cell to cell. Dear Friends, start tomorrow without worrying about yesterday or Monday morning. Get up with the zest to rest. Get up with the zest to be blessed. Get up with the zest to find your quest. I wish you a peaceful weekend.

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