Wednesday, 16 March 2016



Quote of the day

‘I SAVED everything that I did today so that I could manage tomorrow even better.’

Bonus Quote

‘My Success in Life is based on my resilient Ambition, my spirited Determination, my firm Execution and my strong Vision.’

A very, very warm welcome to ALL my friends from around the world on another midweek in our lives. I am extremely grateful for your constant association with me and for the kindness that you express in your constant appreciation. Every day in our lives should be drenched with joy and happiness. It is basically the least we should aim for. To achieve this, I always learn from today to create a better tomorrow. What goes wrong today must be acknowledged and rectified with immediate effect. Brushing mistakes aside just compounds them for the next day. I say onto you and verily too take the necessary strides to make amends. Success in life is based on an accumulation of constant appraisals. You need to constantly ask did I do well? What can I do to improve on my performance? Did I deliver my best? Will I feel accomplished and fulfilled at the end of the day? Meritocratic Goal Setters always end their day with a simple word called SAVED. SAVED is another keyword to add to your list. SAVED stands for Success, Ambition, Determination, Execution and Vision. Without a Vision of your life in the next ten years the chances of succeeding are very limited. You need to envisage a plan of ACTION to achieve the things you want to do. Every Individual is unique. Therefore, everyone will have a different plan of Action. Without visualising what you really want in life a plan of Action can be rather vague. Executing such a plan of Action is based on your Ambition and your Determination. Ambition is passion and desire. It is your get-up-and-go formula that drives you to achieve the things you want in life. If your passion and desire is strong then your drive will be equally strong. If your passion and desire is weak then there is very little hope that you will have sufficient drive to get you started. Determination on the other hand is the constant will power needed to get the job done day in and day out. Many of us start off very well but not many will pursue it to the very end. Are you willing to be SAVED? Do you have that constant Ambition and Determination to fulfil and accomplish your goals? If not, then maybe you should consider changing your goals or at least modify them. Make a habit of learning about today’s experiences in life. It never hurts to learn. Learning can only make you a better person. Have a wonderful midweek from the bottom of my heart. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend - Anthony

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