Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Time to ACT

Time to ACT

Quote of the day

‘It’s TIME to ACT. A is with Action. C is with Caution and T is with Transparency. Every decision in life always works out favourably if we are willing to ACT.

Greetings and Salutations on this wonderful day. A touch of Spring anoints the surface of the Earth with a feeling of joy and happiness. It is like a wake-up call to say it is time to ACT. Actions do speak louder than words but the right action is even more effective. The right Action is always undertaken with Caution. Caution is about exercising an action with extreme care and vigilance. Any Action undertaken by yourself must be done with Caution. To add to this your Action must be transparent. Let us look at some examples. Opening a new appliance such as a toaster. What is the mode of Action? There are two forms of Action. Decide and Preside.  To decide on which toaster to get is a matter of choice and affordability. Once decided we need to preside. In other words, we need to be in control of our appliance rather than for our appliance to be in control of us. You must read the manufacturer’s instructions word for word. Assuming the instructions can lead to appliance failure and money down the drain. The Time to ACT is before you decide and the TIME to ACT is when you preside. Let us look at another example. You are about to take out a mortgage. The decision is yours but the offers are overwhelming. There are too many clauses and conditions. Therefore, I say onto you and verily too it is time to ACT before you decide. It is time to take the right Action but with Caution. If it is Transparent then go for it, if it isn’t leave it alone. Once decided Preside over it by taking the right Action to maintain your repayments. Be Cautious over changes in interest rates and the fees incurred if you settle your mortgage too early. What is Transparent will never get you up at night with worries and insomnia.

Bonus Quote

If it is Transparent then take the leap. If it is aberrant then sleep on it.

If it is not meant for you let it pass. If it meant for you it will always linger on like a wonderful memory or hover above you like a dandelion. Most of us are quite compulsive, impulsive and convulsive when decisions come upon us. Dear Friends, there is no need to make an immediate decision. Do a bit of revision, avoid unnecessary collisions and always make provisions? Revision helps to understand a decision. Collisions happen when they are conflicting choices. Provisions are necessary if something happens. It certainly is time to ACT like the birds and the bees that know precisely when to ACT. Try dispersing seeds to the sparrows and see if they decide to eat straight away. They won’t because they know how to ACT. They are aware of dangers. They are cautious at all times. Be like the birds and the bees. Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow with another article, Quote, picture and a video.

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