Wednesday, 2 March 2016



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‘Teamwork makes dreams work.’

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‘Teamwork do make dreams work, but a network of people makes dreams work even better.’

Welcome to the 1st midweek of March. It is wonderful to acknowledge your presence today, thank you for taking the time to read my tweets. I will always honour you as my friends and will always be here to help bring success to your front door. Going it alone makes it more difficult, therefore I recommend teamwork using a network of people to help you. Teamwork makes dreams work. They really do. Teamwork is about gathering several people pertinent to your needs, each assigned to a specific task but working together as a whole. Teamwork creates a link, joining one person to another. If one link breaks, then the whole team suffers. There are incredible articles awaiting you in March such as ‘Motivate’, ‘The Hammer and Chisel Effect’ and ‘The Lazy to Active Switch.’ Finding someone at home or work formulates the best way to create a team. There are no age or gender barriers in team building. Once found you need a network of distant friends with different skills that can enhance your team. Such a network could be me and one of my many affiliates. Forming this strong link creates a strong team. All workloads can then be divided into smaller workloads distributed evenly amongst all team members. We will look at different techniques in the month of March.  Each technique will help you achieve and accomplish your tasks more smoothly. I wish you a splendid midweek. Don’t be alone, be shown what to do and be known for what you did.

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