Sunday, 13 March 2016

Visions of your future

Visions of your future

Quote of the day

Visions Inspires Successful Individuals Overcome Negative Situations.’

A blessed Sunday to all of you from the writing desk of Anthony Pan, your eternal friend that keeps the flame of hope alive each day. Hope gives you the strength to cope. Hope gives you that extra bit of rope to survive during hard times. Hope gives you the scope to diversify your interest. Hope is like a kaleidoscope of opportunities open to you to make you realise your full potential. Hope is like a microscope helping you to identify minute faults in your life. Hope is also like a telescope helping you to identify enormous faults in your life. Negative situations in life can cripple your life and bring your empire down with a thunderous bolt. Negative situations make people crumble, stumble and fumble over life changing decisions. Dear Friends, I say onto you and verily too you need VISIONS to overcome negative situations in life. What are VISIONS? Visions are dreams, ideas and positive images that can be used as mental and physical aminations to overcome possible setbacks in your life. In life we all encounter setbacks. These hindrances can often spoil your day and in some cases your entire life. To keep and maintain a balanced life you need to constantly update your VISION Pack. A VISION pack is something that helps you to overcome obstacles in your life. Life is quite complex and if you head in the wrong direction you will find unforeseen problems along the way. Mental VISIONS are visions that you capture on a regular basis. What makes Mental VISIONS work for you is to capture images that are fascinating. Fascinating imagery creates fascinating lifestyles. It keeps your spirits alive and enables you to sample before you buy. Physical VISIONS are visions that you keep on file. They are physical because you can feel them, touch them and see them. Physical VISIONS can be referred to at any time. The word VISION is also a power word for you to keep amongst many other words that I shared with you. Power words, Rules, Laws, Quotes, Articles, eBooks, Books DVDs, Videos and Newsletters are all there waiting to be collected by you. Without resources you are vulnerable to various life threatening situations. Resources help you to cope. Dear Friends, let us work together to make and see distinct changes during our centennial life on Earth. It is never too late to start. It is never too late to end something that troubles all your life. Let no hindrance bring down the curtains to our successful career. Let any obstacle be overcome with logical, theological and philosophical tools. These tools were given to man from the beginning. I say onto you use these tools like the harvester that uses a sickle. Be bountiful, be plentiful, be beautiful, be accountable, be fanciful, be graceful, be joyful, be respectful, be successful and be truthful. Love you all and have a superb working week ahead of you – Anthony Pan

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