Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The more you explore in life the more you will adore life.

The more you explore in life the more you will adore life.

Quote of the day

‘The more you explore in life the more you will adore life. You might need a Mentor to help you restore faith in yourself. Furthermore, you may need to speak to Almighty GOD to help you aspire, inspire and motivate yourself into a wider dimension of living.’

A very, very warm welcome to the start of a new working week for many and also to the end of March 2016. I hope and pray that you enjoyed the motivational series in March 2016. Life is good and so are you. Life begins at birth and never ends until you say otherwise. Life is eternal and multidimensional. In other words, it can occur in any galaxy, on any planet, in any continent and in any city. Such a gift bestowed upon any human being is priceless, precious and righteous. To many that live there is the converse of life where oppression, suppression and depression are barriers they always face. This is a barrier we all need to overcome and to do this we need to be guided by a good Mentor or a Spiritual Master. Mentors give you the power to enter the ambience of living. They show you the path to righteousness and the avenue to eternity. Mentors help you to restore faith in yourself and give you the methodology of how to go about it. Faith is a vital necessity to build yourself cell by cell into a multicellular organism of integrity, inundated with a sense of purity. Faith is the conduit to live on from birth to eternity. Faith uplifts your spirit and carries you on a journey that is worthy and humane. Where there are adverse difficulties in your life, a Spiritual Master maybe needed to teach you the values of sublimity, tranquillity and providence. Such a Master could open closed doors for you, flood aridity with fertility and help you to make sense of intense suspense. They can teach you tolerance to overcome intolerance. They can show you what is right and what is wrong. They can guide you into unknown territories and they can carry you onto a better lifestyle. They provide you with aspiration that are bespoke to your needs. They fire you with inspiration with the bespoke intensity to get you going. They give you motivation in easy steps for you to follow and pass on these skills unselfishly to the many that are behind you. To our Heavenly Father who watches over you daily help is always at your disposal. Each star in the Universe is assigned to a living organism. Such a collaboration between star and pupil creates a corridor of uniqueness to overcome weakness and meekness. Dear Friends, it is good to have you on board. It is good to hear from you. It is good to be your friend. It is good to be loved and it is good to love. It is good to help and it is good to give help. It is good to pray and it is good to play. GOD is good and so are you. Goodness is a beacon of hope that shines 24/7. Goodness can be felt in your heart. It is a wonderful feeling and it makes you realise how good you are. Goodness overcomes badness. Goodness makes you exercise kindness, loveliness, fondness, righteousness, politeness, niceness and mindfulness. I wish you a wonderful start to a new working week and for those that are on their Spring recess enjoy every moment of your well-deserved break. Don’t forget, the more you explore in life the more you will adore life. This is part of IT – one of The Inspirational Triggers that sets you in motion.

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