Saturday, 12 March 2016

What is your Incentive?

What is your Incentive?

Quote of the day

‘Incentive to me is something that is strong enough to make you take the relevant action. What is action? Action is the will to make someone bring to life something that is dormant. You could say that incentive is very much like magma in a volcano.’

Welcome to your very special time off, the prefect weekend for Goal Setters. It is our weekend where we unwind without whining. It is our weekend where we dress without stress. It is our weekend where we invest our time to digest our inquest. It is our time. It is our time to do as we please. It is our time to renew, review, preview, pursue and to say Thank You. The words Thank you can mean so much to someone that is there to always help you. Did you say thank you to your guardian angel? Did you say thank you to our Heavenly Father? Did you say thank you to your spouse for their undue support? Did you say thank you to your pets that kept you safe and satisfied? Did you say thank you to your children for the love and joy that they bring to your heart? Weekends are good too because it gives you the space to become incentive. What fascinates you to trigger an incentive? Do you have the passion and desire to do something but feel somewhat hesitant to pursue it? The weekends are there to help you to find your niche area of excitement, inducement and encouragement. If you have a hobby like me to build the world’s largest model train set, then you need the nine letter word INCENTIVE to help you. Let us define the word INCENTIVE in greater detail using the following Bonus Quote.

Bonus Quote

In Natural Circumstances Every Notion That Is Viable is Executable. In unnatural circumstances every notion that is viable is not executable.

Dear friends, analysing the above Quote reveals how notions can be misconstrued. Most of us get attracted to things that we do not really want. This is how advertisers work to attract you. Always bear in mind that if you did without it the day before you can quite easily do without it the day after. What is needed for tomorrow usually boils down to a necessity. I need to eat but do I need to eat everything. I should be inclined to eat the good foods rather than the bad foods. Advertisers know this and pre-empt it with something different to lure you to spend and spend. We need to be attracted to something that is viable. I cannot expect you to build the world’s largest train set.  It may be viable for me but what is good for the goose may not necessarily be good for the gander. Become attracted to doable projects that brings joy to your weekend, that brings joy to your family and that brings joy to your heart. Love something and then watch how it will love you back. They say a clean car drives well. Clean cars become clean because you love them. Have a wonderful Saturday. It is your time so why not make the most of it.

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