Tuesday 9 February 2016

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking
Quote of the day
‘Positive Thinking is the Philosophy behind long-term success moulded in a unique way only visible by the result of your overall actions. Positive Thinking results in Positive Actions. A Negative action is always the result of Negative Thinking.’
Bonus Quote
‘Positive Thinking is about thinking of 8 potent words – Professionalism, Optimism, Success, Inspiration, Temperament, Ideas, Vitality and Enthusiasm.’
A grand welcome to the month of Positivity. Today I want to talk about Positive Thinking. I want to create the energy needed to make life wonderful for you and for me. We are a big family of earthlings working together in a vast world. Without Positive Energy there is no energy or Negative Energy. PE or Positive Energy is designed to get the job done, irrespective of what it is. NE or Negative Energy is the converse, designed to get the job done without the passion without and desire. As Meritocratic Goal Setters we must seek Professionalism in everything that we do. As we expect Professionalism from someone else we must be able to give Professionalism. Professionalism is your skill linked to your expertise. A Baker is a Professional in his or her field, with the ability to take ingredients and churn them into a product. How would you feel if the product or service that you received lacks Professionalism? As we expect to receive we must be able to deliver. Optimism is confidence development in an individual. It is the power to be sure, pure and secure. PE enables you to do that. You think big and you shall be big. You deliver your best and you will get the best. PE settles for no less and no more. Success is the name of the game of your existence. You cannot live to be unsuccessful. You are a human being entitled to a life of success. Without PE success is often eluding. Success is about seeking accomplishment and fulfilment in all that you do with extreme Professionalism. Inspiration is like fuel to an engine. Your body is the engine, your mind is the Driver. Without Inspiration or fuel you cannot succeed. Inspiration from the right source is vital to succeed. Inspiration is like the right grade of petrol for the right engine. Confuse the two and you confuse your future. Temperament is equally important. Yesterday we spoke about other people’s Temperament. Today I want to speak about the importance of your Temperament. You need to maintain calmness in everything that you do, think or say. Blurting out the wrong words or a full sentence can hurt. Thinking without PE can leave you unsettled and lacking confidence. You have to emphasise to yourself that you are the vital link to human happiness. Utter strong words of confidence to yourself and build on that to maintain a reasonable and noted temperament. It is all about Ideas for the present based on the past and about Ideas needed to create the future.  An Idea is actually personal. An Idea comes from a need. What do you need? What do you need to improve your life? A Potion for a Notion? True Vitality comes from PE. When you get up in the morning to be touched by Inspiration you can gauge your Vitality. If your Vitality is low, then your efforts will be slow. If your Vitality is high, then your efforts will reach the sky. Vitality is your get-up-and-go medication for the day. No vitality, no go. All easy said than done but if you lack Enthusiasm in something then nothing will work out. Enthusiasm is the zest that you have in anything that you engage in. It is pointless to create a task for tomorrow when there is no passion and desire. All tasks inputted into your memo for tomorrow must be done with passion and desire. No Enthusiasm often results in Sarcasm. Dear Friends, latch onto PE every second of your life. Think big and be big. Think Positive and remain Positive. Think Success and you shall succeed. Think life and you shall live. Think love and you shall love even more. Think divine and you shall become refined. Think about peace and you shall create a masterpiece of your contribution to all humanity. Think rich and you shall become rich in your heart. Think accomplishment and you will avoid self-punishment. Think about the birds and the bees and they will think about you in their next migration cycle. Think about our children and they will look after you in the future. Think about the animals and let them roam in the wild like before. Think about the plants by planting a new tree, a new shrub, a new flower bed, a new daffodil, a new hedge, a new forest or a new pasture. Thank you for finding the time to read my Inspirational tweets. Think PE every second of your life. It is the backbone to your overall success.

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