Tuesday 2 February 2016

Diffusion leads to Profusion

Diffusion leads to Profusion

Quote of the day

‘Positivity starts from an infinitesimally small source like a water droplet that breaks away from an iceberg. Through cohesion it moves forward building up into larger molecules and finally we see movement, the making of a river. Through diffusion there is profusion. The one molecule becomes over 7 billion.’

Greetings and salutations from good old London Town. It is wonderful to share this day with you in such a positive way. When you have just one person trying to achieve something in life it can become quite difficult. You need teamwork.

Previous Quote

‘Teamwork always makes dreams work.’

Our forefather in Adam was the sole custodian of his domain, The Garden of Eden. His source of Inspiration was The Universe. In the same way we watch TV at night our forefather watched a panoramic view of The Universe where he plucked tools and inspiration from. Today our world is vast compared to The Garden of Eden. We are no longer single individuals like our forefather but a conglomeration of over 7 billion individuals who have equal and different roles to play.  Our forefather in Adam was like a single molecule of water, his essence like water was the same, to serve his Heavenly Father. Today we are over 7 billion people, like over 7 billion molecules of water on Earth with the same essence, to serve our Heavenly Father. However instead of behaving like water molecules that cohere together to create rivers of inspiration and oceans of life we repel each other. One of our first objectives to be positive in February 2016 is to apply a simple process called Diffusion to our daily routine.  Diffusion is the Science of dispersing our roles in an unselfish way from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and across the equatorial division of our planet.

Bonus Quote

‘Diffusion leads to Profusion. Seclusion leads to Confusion.’

In order to effectively receive a daily dose of inspiration in the early hours of the morning you need to distribute it to others as well. It is like have dinner at home. Everyone partakes in eating. What is served on the dinner table is usually shared equally. When you receive your daily dose of Inspiration you need to unselfishly distribute it to everyone at home, in equal portions and with love and generosity. As you are touched by Inspiration you must make the rest of your family be equally touched with the same inspiration. By doing this cohesion is born at home where unity is the way the household thinks and where unity is the way every understands each other goals. Diffusion in this way leads to Profusion. Just a single touch of inspiration on a single individual can lead to a symbol of cornucopia. Cornucopia is a symbol of harmony at home. Everyone gets up with the methodology to conquer their day. Everyone understands the workload of each other and partakes in making everything work. I call it Family Linking. More about Family Linking later on. Dear Friends, Diffusion does lead to Profusion. Seclusion however leads to Confusion. In other words, if there is no harmony at home then chaos hits the ceiling fans. Everyone gets on each other’s nerves and at the end of the day there is animosity, disagreements, procrastination and feuds. Develop the mind-set to instill Inspiration at home at the crack of dawn. Understand everyone’s needs and work together as a team. Seek to accomplish all tasks on a daily basis and seek to help those that are falling behind. It is as simple as that. Have a wonderful Tuesday and let the harmony begin and never end. Be positive but always remember in order to maintain positivity at home you need to be unselfish.

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