Monday 22 February 2016

You are CUTE

You are CUTE
Quote of the day
‘If someone tells you that you are CUTE then they really mean it because they know that you are Caring, Understanding, Trustworthy and Enthusiastic. To maintain such a standard requires a constant input.’
Welcome to a new working week and the final full working week of February 2016. Positivity it was and positivity it shall always be. You are CUTE and you will always be CUTE. Your mission in life is to be Caring, Understanding, Trustworthy and Enthusiastic. In addition to that your mission in life is to have the right Nutrition, Ambition, Ignition and to be a Logician. I called this the NAIL effect and forms the basis for tomorrow’s article. I hope that you will be able to join me. One of the greatest compliments that you can ever receive is when someone says that you are CUTE. The overall effect of being CUTE is obvious. Cuteness is about being attractive, delightful and loveable. Today I want to say CUTENESS is more than that. Cuteness is about being Caring, Understanding, Trustworthy and Enthusiastic. To be Caring illustrates your kindness towards another human being. It is about being thoughtful in a bus or a train or even in a queue. It is also about being compassionate by stepping aside when people need their space. It is the humane art of being concerned about the welfare of someone else. To be Understanding to someone else shows your consideration for their dilemma and for your tolerance for their sudden temperament. To be Understanding means we are willing to offer the same understanding to someone that we received when we needed understanding. We need to show our sympathetic nature. We need to appreciate the little things in life in the same way we appreciate the bigger things in life. A Trustworthy person is always dependable, reliable and honest. They see no evil, they hear no evil and they tell no evil. To have trust in someone means you have found the ideal friend. A friend that shares your grievances and picks you up when you are down. Many people met the corrupt individual that was totally dishonest, fraudulent and shady. They are not CUTE but mean and ugly. When someone says openly that you are CUTE they know in their heart that they can trust you.  Finally, A CUTE person is always enthusiastic about life ad they go about their daily grind with passion and with desire. When they see an inhibition or obstacle in their way they look at ways to overcome them without much ado. Enthusiasm illustrates how passionate you are about your life, your role and your purpose. You cannot possibly succeed if you lack these qualities. I said at the opening Quote that to be CUTE requires your constant input 24/7 and for a full 100 years, this is so true. As you learn to be CUTE try to pass on your endearing skills to your family and friends. Show them your tolerance, endurance and stamina. I wish you a fulfilling and accomplishing working week and you start it with a smile and end with a bigger smile.

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