Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Flip Book

The Flip Book
Quote of the day
‘A Flip Book is something you should carry with you at all times. In it you can flip through your aspirations and seek inspiration and motivation to make them come true. Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible.’
Welcome to Tuesday the 16th of February 2016. It is a blessing to grace your presence today and to feel your aspirations in the way that I feel mine. Everyone has aspirations but fail to link those aspirations with the right inspirations. Linking to the right inspirations is called the AIM factor. The AIM factor is about taking Aspirations and turning them into magical moments in your life. It is a defined process and if followed with care and caution can take dreams and turn them into reality. The Flip Book concept is something that I carry with me at all times and when I sit in the train or at work and at home I flip through my aspirations. Today’s video is called The Flip Book and gives you a better insight to what I am actually talking about. This video maybe viewed on my blog at www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk or for a High Definition version please log onto my YouTube Channel. We all have Aspirations but if we do not commit them to paper so that they become a physical entity our aspirations we will soon be forgotten. Creating a Flip Book enables you to keep your Aspirations alive from the first inception to the final conception. To turn dreams into reality you need to follow The AIM Factor. The AIM Factors allows you build on Aspirations without committing. These Aspirations must become animated and to do this we need a Flip Book. A Flip Book makes us feel, touch and experience our dreams. A Flip Book allows you to add more information or delete some information. You may even consider deleting information permanently. Aspirations can become real if you use the AIM Factor. The AIM stands for Aspirations = Inspiration + Motivation. Aspirations must be added to a Flipbook irrespective of what they really are because with a Flipbook you can add or delete at any time. As you flip through your archives of collective information your very own personal world becomes animate and alive. The more you flip the more you drip with passion and desire. Your Flipbook enables you to flip, skip, drip, snip or gain valuable tips. As you create animation you create validation. Do you really want it or not? As you create animation you create Inspiration. As you create animation you create motivation. The AIM Factor works because it draws your attention to something in greater detail. As you create animation you open your eyes to observation and you to open your heart to elation. As you create animation you create realisation. Realisation is important to a meritocratic Goal Setter. Realisation makes you understand the responsibilities attached to your aspirations. Realisation makes you aware of the pitfalls of your endeavours. Dear Friends, you can have anything that you want, if it is an unselfish request your dreams will come true at the flick of a magical switch. Have faith, develop your inner strength, live by your ideals, pray incessantly, build on content and live with good intents. Have a wonderful day and always remember that help is right here from the core of The Universe. Be Universally friendly and abide by the Laws of the Universe and everything that you unselfishly require will be granted. 

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