Tuesday 23 February 2016

The NAIL Effect

The NAIL Effect
Quote of the day
‘Your mission in life is to remain CUTE and to ensure that you do you need to apply the NAIL effect. In other words, you to need to have the right Nutrition, Ambition, Ignition and to be a Logician.’
A blessed welcome to Tuesday, the 23rd of February 2016. I am honoured to share an online experience with you. Thank You. Today we shall speak about The NAIL Effect. A Nail is a pin used to attach or affix things securely.  In today’s case scenario we shall use the NAIL Effect as an analogy to secure our lifetime image as a CUTE person. To remain CUTE as we spoke of in detail yesterday remains one of the prime objectives as meritocratic Goal Setters of the 21st Century. We are indeed Meritocratic Goal Setters of the 21st Century because our aim is to please and appease in our capacity as custodians of the living world. Meritocratic Goal Setters seek to achieve their goals unselfishly. They are always CUTE: Caring, Understanding, Trustworthy and Enthusiastic. The NAIL Effect implies undertaking 4 necessary implementations.  The 1st and foremost implementation is the right Nutrition.  What is right Nutrition and what is wrong Nutrition? Nutrition is food and without food we cannot exist. It is the good foods that will always be unpalatable, dissatisfying and more expensive whilst the bad foods are always palatable, satisfying and less expensive. You can tell the difference after you have eaten them for the goods foods makes you feel good and the bad foods make you feel bad. Applied Nutrition is actually the Science of Applied Eating; it is the process of ingesting without congesting. Most of us tend to overeat especially the bad foods. Filling our tummies inhibits digestion and creates indigestion. This will always be an obstacle in the path of a meritocratic Goal Setter. Bad foods create bad moods and makes you less cute. Later on in this series I will include healthy recipes for you to follow and cook the finest foods called ‘Good Foods for Good People’. The 2nd Implementation is called Ambition. From eating good foods comes good moods or good spirits. Good spirits are ‘the get-up-and-go’ dynamics that enables you to become Ambitious. With ambitions, goals turn into golden goals because you are driven. Good Foods creates the necessary energy needed to keep you bubbling. The next implementation is Ignition. Ignition fires you to take action. It is those perfectly combined foods that transforms you into a powerhouse. Eat the bad foods and your ignition is of no value like a car trying to start without any fuel. The final implementation is about being the Logician. The Logician is the one that thinks his or her way through. The don’t get fired to do the wrong think, they are the thinkers. They are successful academics that uses knowledge to acknowledge right from wrong. Many people expend valuable time doing the wrong things prompted by pressure and misconceptions. Being the Logician helps you to overcome this. Follow these 4 implementations and you will NAIL it. Have a wonderful Tuesday and may your life become the perfectly balanced one where happiness is the medium of the day and joy is the medium of life.

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