Monday 29 February 2016

Guidelines with defined Signs

Guidelines with defined Signs

Quote of the day

‘How can you distinguish good guidelines from bad ones? The procedure is quite simple. Good guidelines always come with defined signs. Signs that you could see, hear or feel. Signs that you could decipher or crack and signs that make sense rather than nonsense.’

Welcome to the final day of February 2016, the month of Positivity. Welcome too, to the start of a new working week that eclipses into the month of March. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and for all your positive feedback that gives me the constant courage to continue inspiring you. It is sad to see February fade slowly into the oblivion of human history. What I will always remember of February 2016 is the positive energy that I received. Positive energy gives you positive vibes. It builds confidence in you and it establishes your true abilities. Every article in the 29 days of February 2016 shone a clear message of Positivity. Tomorrow we shall march into March 2016 with Motivity. Today to round off our theme on Positivity I would like to talk about guidelines, more specifically ‘Guidelines with defined Signs.’ Guidelines are important to ALL meritocratic Goal Setters of which you are and will always be. A meritocratic Goal Setter works to achieve success during their centennial life on planet Earth. They are unselfish, they are spiritual, they are caring, they like to share and they are always fair. A meritocratic Goal Setter manages their time profitably and works steadily each day to execute their tasks. They value every second of their life. They have a purpose in life and that purpose is to act as sole custodians of their domain. They are fully aware of their responsibilities. Meritocratic Goal Setters always follow stringent guidelines, in other words a set of instructions that has previously worked. They know the difference between something acidic and sweet. They can distinguish poisonous from harmless products. They can trek into new territories because they follow stringent guidelines. They know right from wrong and can put right what is wrong. They understand the meaning of life and the purpose of it. They are the conveyors of good messages and purveyors of good instructions. They are surveyors of situations in life and look at ways of improving bad situations into better ones. A Guideline that makes sense is the one that you should follow. Would you travel the perilous seas if the guidelines were not there? Look for defined signs. Look for signs that make you feel confident about what you want to do. If there is a doubt, don’t do it. I bid you a pleasant evening and as you watch the changeover from February to March always remember to say, White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit!

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