Monday, 15 February 2016

Destinations – Planet Earth

Destinations – Planet Earth
Quote of the day
‘Planet Earth, a bluish sphere of activity in the cosmos of equal activity, captivity, creativity and relativity. For a visitor from beyond the frontiers of space and time what can we offer as hosts? Can we create a surreal or a real experience?
A very, very cold welcome to the start of a new working week from us all here in good old London Town. Having reflecting on my 48 hours of sheer relaxation and rest I am able to project the outcome of this week more vividly than before. Dear Friends, the enjoyment of a weekend makes your working week more challenging for the simple reason is that you have something to look forward to. I planned a suitable itinerary for my weekend based on my personal tastes and enjoyed every second of it. For the week ending on the 19th of February I am affixed to the endless possibilities of what I can actually achieve on my next weekend. The cycle is the same whether you are a child, a student, a worker, a parent, a grandparent or retired. The cycle is the same all over the world, 5 days of work and two days of relaxation. Most people follow a different pattern. They work 334 days a week and engage in some form of relaxation for 28 days. To a child or student this maybe a few weeks more. As a meritocratic Goal Setter who thrives to excel you need to formulate the magical rule to succeed which is as follows: Work steadily for 5 days and rest for 2 days, to a total of 520 weeks in a lifetime. In other words, a lifetime is made up of 5WD + 2RD = 520W. To achieve such an incredible milestone during your centennial stay on Earth you need to be prepared for a visitor or an inspection. To lessen your workload, you only need to be in charge of your domain and you need to try to act humane in public places. To remain humane in place places you need to remain civil, you need to be understanding and accommodating. You need to care for all and not just for yourself. This may seem difficult but it is one of the Laws of the Universe. You need to donate, you need to allocate time to specific tasks, you need to captivate your friends and colleagues with awe and splendour, you need to dedicate your life to a purpose, you need to irrigate the soil and invigorate yourself, you need to mitigate rather than litigate, you need to separate anger from love, you need to tolerate the temperaments of other human beings, you need to appreciate your life, you need to investigate what is right and what is wrong, you need to evaluate what you need to do before you make a decision, you need to alleviate the burden of someone else, you need to terminate bad habits and you need to create good habits. Such a daily ritual of humane values promotes your purpose in life. It makes you responsible and makes you have a valid purpose in life. Such a purpose is formulated by the magical rule - 5WD + 2RD = 520W. Let us start from today to make tomorrow ready for a visitor. Let that visitor be from another world or from our very own world. Let them marvel at the beauty of our planet. Together we can make a real difference. Have a wonderful working week and give it your level best every second that passes you.

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