Friday 26 February 2016



The final Friday of February is here. February will soon fade away into the history of man made up of good things and regretfully bad things. Yesterday we spoke about Destinations, the ultimate Diary and how your contributions to life can be recorded for others to read and learn.

Bonus Quote

‘Every good deed you do instils a seed of hope in another person, this then proliferates into more seeds until the valley of despair is overthrown with care, inundated with fresh air and becomes a house of silent prayer.’

To end this wonderful month of positivity I include four marvelous articles for you to read. Not necessarily in order they are as follows: 1. The TRUTH. 2. Guidelines with defined SIGNS. 3. My Goals for 2016. 4. The Modern Day Trilogy. Dear Friends I hope and pray that you enjoyed reading 25 riveting articles on positivity during the month of February. It was a pleasure writing them especially when you know that friends are reading them. At random I chose to write an article called ‘The TRUTH’ for your perusal and for the magnification of your positivity. Without The TRUTH there could never be Positivity. Positivity is energy and in order to keep this energy alive we need The TRUTH. 

Quote of the day

The TRUTH is about Trust, Respect, Understanding, Tolerance and Honesty. Take away any one of these 5 vital qualities in any human being and you will dismantle the stability of mankind. Already history has shown a clear distinction between the stability and the instability in mankind.’

It is great to be here on the last day of our working week envisaging the possibilities of tomorrow, our 48 hours of personal relaxation. I chose the write about this article today because without The TRUTH there is instability at the top of the pyramid of sanity, right down to the base of insanity. The TRUTH divulges 5 important humane words that often go by unnoticed. The 1st word is Trust. Trust Almighty GOD and you will understand what Trust means. Where else can you find a friend as wonderful as Almighty GOD. GOD is good and so are you if you are willing to care, share and remain fair for the rest of your earthling life. GOD gives life and love, therefore we need to solemnly live to love and love to live with confidence and belief. The 2nd word is Respect. Respect is the admiration of all living organisms from city to city and from country to country. Respect is awe, wonder, admiration, splendour and grandeur on a mammoth scale. As you give respect you will get it back tenfold. Live to respect and respect to live. Respect a child and that child shall learn to respect you and the rest of the world. Respect an elder and they will give you wisdom. Respect your wife and she will give you joy and happiness. The 3rd word is Understanding. Understanding is about being thoughtful in any given situation. It is about being kind to every nation. It is about being appreciative to every creation. It is about being supportive in every relationship. It is about being aware in every causation. It is about considerate in every litigation. It is about being sympathetic in every devastation. The 4th word is Tolerance. Tolerance is the Science of Self-Realisation. Sometimes we may need to taste the bitterness of life in order to appreciate the sweetness of it. Tolerance enables you to do just that. Tolerance plays a critical role in how events turn out. Exercise Tolerance and you shall receive the applause of the nation. Exercise tolerance and you shall inherit nurturance. The final word is Honesty. Honesty is about speaking, thinking and writing the Truth. Honesty is like divinity. Exercise Honesty and you shall have a feel of the nature of The Heavens. Exercise Honesty and you shall inherit the entire population. Exercise Honesty and you shall inherit the earth without fear and without subjugation. Honesty is the best policy. The TRUTH will carry you onto journeys in life that are beyond your imagination. Life is an adventure, love it and live it. Live it and enjoy it especially over the weekends. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend, Anthony

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