Thursday 25 February 2016

Destinations – your ultimate Diary

Destinations – your ultimate Diary
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‘Our life tells a tale of immaculacy but only a few know about it. I say onto you and verily too let the world know who you are and let them see the wonderful contributions you have made to your planet. To do this effectively you need a special Diary called – Destinations. Unlike other Diaries, Destinations records every second of your centennial life on Earth.’
Welcome to Thursday, the 25th of February 2016. As promised I would very much like to introduce you to Destinations – your Ultimate Diary. Dear Friends, welcome to Destinations, your ultimate Diary and your personal Time Management Tool to set you free, accomplished and fulfilled.  Your time is your most valuable asset and it lasts for a period of 100 years on Planet Earth in a life that is a personal challenge for you to do well and to be good. Unlike other Diaries Destinations, your Ultimate Diary transforms your life into 100% fulfilment at the end of each working week.  To enable you to achieve this I shall be by your side each day to guide you to a happier life filled with constant joy and blissfulness. It is a challenging road ahead of you but with an agenda penned in your own handwriting you can make your journey a journey to be blessed, caressed and without an element of stress. I designed Destinations, your ultimate Dairy almost 21 years ago. I was prompted to devise a favorable time management tool. Nothing was available commercially, so I sat down and pondered on what will become of my life if I do not do something effectively. I wanted something that guided me on an hourly basis, telling me what to do, where to go and how to do things. I did not want an ordinary diary that could not be understood or cluttered with words that never made any sense later on. I wanted to have a diary that showed me something clearly, it needed to have information that I could extract in a glance. The following picture is a sample page of your Destinations Diary…

I don’t expect you to rush out and purchase a Destinations Diary because you can download a copy of Destinations for free. The idea behind a Destinations Diary is that unlike other Diaries your Destinations Dairy can start at any time. The next thing to do is to determine how many years of life do you have on planet Earth. This can be achieved using the formula 100 – YA.  YA stands for your age. In my case scenario my age is 56. Therefore, I have 100 – 56 = 44 more years to live on planet earth, therefore to compliment my biography of good deeds I need 44 volumes of Destinations. When I am 70 years of age I can pick up any volume in my life and find out exactly what I did at a flip of a page. Destinations is unlike Notepad or Word or Excel. Destinations is about You and your life on planet Earth. Destinations also comes in various themes such as Destinations - London, Destinations - New York, Animals, Flowers and so on. Can you imagine looking at your bookshelf and staring at your wonderful achievement in life. Let us work together to make our planet a shining emblem of peace and happiness that glows a radiant aura of a perfect paradise in The Universe. Being accomplished and fulfilled at the end of each working week promotes the concept of a successful life. In a day we expend 86,400 seconds. Do we actually expend it profitably? Time moves through space and so do you. As time moves so do you. Use this time wisely and harbour the fruits of life carefully. Use your Destinations Diary to achieve this. Thank you for the finding the time to read my tweets today, Always remember that management is the foundation to your success and mismanagement is the foundation to your failure. Don't forget to download your copy.

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