Sunday, 21 February 2016

Preview of March 2016 – M & M (March with Motivation)

Preview of March 2016 – M & M (March with Motivation)
Quote of the day
‘March 2016 is the month for Motivation. Fascination is the seed, Inspiration is the need and Motivation is the feed. Without the seed you shall never meet the need. Without the feed the need shall soon cede.’
A very good day to you Dear Friends from me, Anthony Pan, seated in my study writing this article to encourage you to have a vision. A vision of not just tomorrow or the working week ahead of you but of the next month and the month after that. Therefore, I chose to write this article called ‘Preview of March 2016’ to exemplify the constant need to feed the sprouting seed in you. March with Motivation or M & M is our theme for March 2016. What is your need? We know the purpose of our lives but what are our individual needs. This is a very broad question because we all differ in our needs. Let us first remind ourselves of our purpose in life. Our purpose in life is to serve as sole custodians of the living world. Our planet is vast therefore it would be impossible for one person to undertake such a task. Our forefather in Adam had a manageable task. He was the sole custodian of The Garden of Eden. As result over the millenniums our purpose has changed to sole custodians of our domain. Therefore, you can liken each domain to the Garden of Eden. For our work as sole custodians of our domain we would have obvious needs. Some of our needs are essential and some maybe wishes. Although we are fundamentally the same we differ in our needs. These needs are derived from a simple word called Fascination. As we see we become attracted, what attracts you may not be attractive to someone else. Magnets on the other hand will attract anything magnetic. Flipping through the past articles in February, the month of positivity, you will notice that I spoke largely about the word Fascination. Fascination is actually the seed to your need. You pick the seed according to your need and then sow it into the fertile soil of your life.  February 2016 was highlighted as a month of positivity. It is a month to be positive and to help you reach your needs in a subtle way. March 2016 is the month for motivation. It is the feed for your seed where the right actions will be provided to get you on the right track to meet your needs. You cannot be motivated without Inspiration and neither can you be inspired without fascination. Fascination helps you to find a need. You work hard during your working week and to supplement such a challenging feat a weekend always awaits you. During the weekends you need something to enjoy, to relax, to feel free and to repose in total serenity. This need only you can establish. Such a need may not be materialistic, it maybe spiritual or even both. My motivational and inspiring videos and articles would have nudged you in deciding what your real needs were. My job is to ensure that you gain those needs in an unselfish way. Do you need a car, a second home, a grandchild, an annual holiday or more money? It could be one thing or it could be many things. Fascination helps you to make the right choice or choices. Fascination attracts you to certain pastimes such as sport, hobbies, adventure, exploration, visiting and so on. Inspiration is the sprouting phase of your life where a certain attraction makes you want to take action to display the satisfaction you need. Motivation is the feed. It is the process of action but not just action but the right action. Taking the wrong action will result in total dissatisfaction. The month of March is the ultimate month for action, action in the right way under the right management. For the rest of February, we shall keep to the positive spirit, to awaken your passion and desire and find your right need. Have a wonderful Sunday and always be aware of what you see. Keep an open mind and try to attract anything that will sparkle an interest in you. Always remember if there is no attraction there is repulsion. Always understand the difference between the two. You cannot be Roger Federer at the age of 50 even though you are attracted by his physical skills. Your Fascination will be limited to playing tennis as a sport.

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