Saturday 20 February 2016

Fascinating Weekends

Fascinating Weekends
Quote of the day
‘Fascinating weekends start from your own home, where trees set you free, and birds whistle a tune and dandelions hovers above you like regimental parachutes. Your weekend must be exclusively for you flanked with the feeling of immense joy and happiness.’
Welcome to your weekend, a period of 48 exclusive hours for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the working week. Today’s video depicts the wondrous opportunities available to you to explore and chill out. Please watch at For an HD version of this video please log onto my YouTube Channel. Thank you for finding the time to spend with me. I am grateful for this. My time is your time and your time will always be your time. If happiness can settle in your heart like dew on an early spring morning, then I am happy to be here daily to enlighten and inspire your day. Without fascination we can sometimes allow Inspiration to pass us unnoticed. Fascination is the spectacle in life that we constantly see. To become successful in life you need to be fascinated with life. You need to get up with extreme passion and desire. You need to let the adrenaline flow like never before. Before inspiration can set in you need fascination. Fascination is like oxygen to a fireplace. Without oxygen the flame will soon fizzle away. Inspiration is like ignition in an engine, exploding carefully balanced amounts of air and fuel. Motivation is the result of the explosion causing the pistons to move up and down. Can you see the sequence? Without Fascination you cannot be inspired. Inspiration will come upon and you may never notice it. Without Inspiration you will never be motivated to take action. You cannot put the cart before the horse. It will never work. You cannot take action without being inspired and neither can you be inspired without being fascinated. Dear Friends, use your weekends to create Fascination. See and you will discover the value of a tree. See and you will feel the need of a bee or even a tiny flea. Feel and you will overcome your ordeal. Feel and you shall reveal your ideal dreams. Caress and you shall overcome your stress. Love and you will want to love even more. Speak to inspire and listen to admire. Partake in general chores and close all doors to misunderstandings and feuds. Live your life bountifully.  Go to church, to mosque, to the temple or even the synagogue. Carry with you your troubles and leave without any.  Deliver your best to your pets. Deliver your best to the rest. Have a wonderful weekend because it is yours, exclusively. With love and best wishes from your endearing friend – Anthony Pan

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