Sunday 7 February 2016

Positive Tools

Positive Tools
Quote of the day
‘Without Positive Tools, attempting to achieve something in life can make you waste unnecessary fuel. Positive Tools require some form of rules and participation, such as a training school or an online school such as Universally Friendly. With the right tool, powered with the right fuel, measured in joules your success in life will be as precious as a jewel.’
A very warm welcome to the first Sunday of February 2016. I hope and pray that you are enjoying the positivity in February as much as I am. Dear Friends, no visionary dreams of success can amount to anything if you are not willing to implement a series of strategic actions. Action involves work. Work requires energy. Energy comes from food. Food is plentiful but not necessarily tasteful. Visionary dreams are paramount in goal setting. Without a vision, possibly some supervision and a little precision you are likely to be in a collision. Goals which we labelled golden goals at the end of last year are actually precision goals because you defined them, refined them and sometimes declined them. This is the cleft between dreams and goals. Dreams are trials of a subject matter. Goals are the subject matter in action. To switch from a dream to a goal you need to put your goals on trial first. If you like it, then try it. To implement the goal, you need the right tool, powered with the right fuel, measured in joules to create success that is worth more than a jewel. The question is where do we get our tools from. If you need a loaf of bread, then a Baker seems the obvious choice or a Supermarket. Not all breads are good for you. Is it a trial an error process or is it common-sense? Common-sense makes coherent sense. In other words, would you eat bread that gives you allergies? Would you eat a stale piece of bread? Would you eat basic bread? Getting the right tools is the way forward. Can you dig with a hoe or rake with a garden fork? Can you mow with an edge-trimmer or can you trim with a mower? In the old days before the information highway took control we depended on bookstores for motivation and inspiration. Great Mentors like Chopra, Robbins, Gates, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela, Plato, Aristotle, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami or Jesus were common entities. Today the internet flows with Inspiration springing up like mushrooms. Again like a baker what do we choose and what do we pay? The internet like advertising using Salescopies to attract and lure. They offer free gifts to build email listings. Emails lure you to buy. What do you buy? How much do you pay? Suddenly everyone is a living mentor? Can we be like Chopra, Robbins, Gates, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela, Plato, Aristotle, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami or Jesus? Will there be another Elvis, Michael Jackson, Federer, Gates, Gable, Monroe, Olivier, Pele or the many that become legends in a lifetime? Dear Friends, I want to tell you quite openly that you can become a legend in your own field. You just need the right tools and mentoring. Don’t sign up to free newsletters? Don’t sign up to free gifts? Don’t sign up to any subscriptions? Focus on something that you are happy with. Stick with it. The cliché ‘Stick, Flick or be Quick’ will be an article on its own shortly. If you feel that Universally Friendly is helping, then stick with it. Use it as your online school to get the right tools, the right fuel and the right rules. Training from the right source will always help you to maintain, retain, regain and stop complaining. Train to be free from pain. Train to avoid the constant strain. Train to reach maximum gain. Train to abstain. Train to attain your goals. Train to sustain the adversities of life. Train to retain your willpower. Train to remain in the game. Train to maintain maximum body performance. Train to be in control of your domain. Train again and again, from dawn to dusk. Train to form a solid chain of eternal friends. Train to remain in the right lane, the lane that leads to righteousness. Train to avoid those that drain you. Train to campaign for righteousness. Train to consume grains that are wholesome. Train to obtain anything in life unselfishly. Dear Friends, I stand in front of your PC screen to say openly through the miracles of modern technology that I trained from the right sources. True Friends don’t part with knowledge for financial gain. True Friends help each other because it is our duty to do so. Stick with me if you can and grasp whatever tools you made need to change your life around. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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