Sunday 28 February 2016

The Modern Day Trilogy

The Modern Day Trilogy

Quote of the day

‘Life is full of adversities, changing by the day, magnifying by the hour, terrifying by the minute and intensifying by the second. Universally Friendly are a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. Such friends of equanimity and peace provide daily inspiration to other friends from around the world giving them the support they need to overcome different forms of adversities. The Modern Day Trilogy is the backbone to such support.’

Welcome to the final Sunday of February 2016. As we say farewell to a month of positivity let us welcome March, the month of motivity. Today as promised, I would like to talk about The Modern Day Trilogy, a set of three books written by me almost 21 years ago. The Modern Day Trilogy was my blueprint to succeed and from it came my instructions to meet my adversities face-on. Adversities come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they may spring up at the most inconvenient moment. To overcome such adversities in life we need to follow a set of instructions that has previously worked. These instructions will constantly change because our adversities are constantly changing. It is very similar to an antivirus software that has to change constantly to overcome phishers, fraudsters and hackers. This is why I write a Quote a day, complimented by an article and wherever possible an inspirational video. I write to inspire you in the same way that I was once inspired 21 years ago. Every day holds a new experience or a new challenge for me. Therefore, each day I become enlightened to write something that is relevant to the day, season or year. What I write tomorrow maybe inspired by something that happened today or it may be as a result of a new problem that I encountered. You could say that my articles, Quotes, Videos, Power words and Books are tools or ingredients to make or overcome something. However, without the instructions or the recipe these tools will have no value. My instructions came to me in a revelation some 21 years ago, when I lost my Mum under the most tragic circumstances. From a young age I was always fascinated with The Universe. I always asked questions but never got the right answers. Some of these questions are depicted in the above video. 4 hours after the death of my Mum I received an elevation from a revelation. A deluge of information came pouring in, every question that I asked was followed by an answer. From that day, the 6th of November 1994 I discovered the answers to everything. I also got the instructions to follow a road to a more successful future. I penned these instructions down and within a year completed 3 books which I collectively call the Modern Day Trilogy. What you read each day to be inspired are actually variations of instructions that I received 21 years ago. These instructions are crucial to your overall success. Success will always crush failure and failure will always want to oppose success. Dear Friends, what you need to succeed in life is the right tools and of course the right instructions. In March, the month of Motivity we shall follow some of these instructions to develop the power and strength to overcome adversities. Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to your online presence tomorrow. Take care - Anthony

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