Wednesday 10 February 2016

Picking up the Pieces using Positive Linking

Picking up the pieces
Quote of the day
‘By using Positive Thinking you can actually start all over again. Positive Thinking helps you to pick up the pieces after a relationship, friendship, companionship, hardship, membership or leadership has fallen apart.. Positive Thinking is about Positive Linking’
Welcome to midweek from rather a turbulent London Town where cold fronts meet warm fronts creating freak weather conditions. Life is like that too, we meet hot tempers and collide into unnecessary tantrums that spoils our day and even our lives.
Previous Quote
‘Avoidance is better than pursuance. Avoidance lasts for a few seconds but pursuance can last a lifetime.’
Despite this you need to focus on the job at hand. Everyone is different although we are fundamentally the same. Our daily agendas are different even though they can be broken down into individual tasks. What you do for the day differs to the next person. Ideally, we need to remain focussed. Like cold and warms fronts colliding with each other in the ionosphere above you, collision is possible around you at any time. Human collisions can be fatal, harmful and often regretful. Urban and rural surroundings form the perfect backdrop for rage to invade. Relationships, friendships, companionships, hardships, memberships or leaderships can shatter in an instance. You need to avoid such intense calamities by living in anticipation. Positive Thinking helps. Positive Linking is the application that follows. At this precise moment in time a relationship somewhere in the world could turn sour and fall apart. In this forbidden process someone gets hurts. Anticipation circumvents such a catastrophe. It is all about mood swings. Tread on someone’s toes and they will react with hostility. Tread on someone’s progress and you release will their fragility. Tread on someone’s hopes and dreams and you shall create volatility. Human relationships are important. You need to understand this and give someone their space when it is needed. Colliding in mood confrontations leads to disastrous consequences. This is evident all over the world. People spend their prime time getting into long-term relationships and spend the rest of their lives trying to get out of it. Some people seek financial help by borrowing, borrowing and borrowing and then end up sorrowing, sorrowing and sorrowing. Today’s article is about picking up the pieces using Positive Linking. Positive Linking is about trying to connect broken pieces bit by bit. Let us look at an example. You are in financial hardship. Your finances collapsed in an instance. Your back is against the wall. You have basically fallen to pieces. Before the bailiff knocks on your front door you need to exercise Positive Thinking. We spoke about Positive Thinking yesterday. Now we need to follow on with an application called Positive Linking. Positive Linking connects broken pieces together. It is the bond that brings financial sanity from financial insanity. How Positive Linking works is that it uses you has the backbone. It uses you as the skeleton or the mainframe to reconstruct Financial Preservation from Financial Devastation in your own courtyard. Why you? Well, you are indeed the backbone to your entire life. You are the pillar of strength, the beholder of fortitude and an individual that has time as collateral. Yes, time is indeed our greatest asset equated to 100 years or 86,400 seconds per day. If you believe this, then you can start believing in yourself. Yes, you are the precursor to what tomorrow holds for you. What you think today creates the events of tomorrow. Every fallen piece in your financial hardship must be linked together to create an overall picture. Gather all your liabilities and look at them in the face and then add them up mathematically to reach a total figure. For you it may be £20k, for him it maybe £30K, for her it maybe £40K and to them it maybe £100K, it does not matter. What really matters is Positive Linking identifies your overall borrowings. Whatever the figure is it is your Financial Hardship in reality. Each link constitutes a borrowing. Positive Linking takes each liability and treats it as a whole. This then gets divided by part of your greatest asset which is time. A total liability of £20K divisible by say 48 months is £416 per month. Now suddenly we have lessened the burden and extended the repayment. In due course I will show you how to generate these funds with the least amount of effort, legally and professionally. Positive Linking works with Positive Thinking. You cannot link without thinking. Picking up the pieces works if you want it to work. Always remember that I shall always been here to inspire you to take action. Have a wonderful midweek. We can pick up the pieces if we wanted to.

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