Saturday 6 February 2016

The Positive Way

The Positive Way
Quote of the day
‘The strategy to succeed lies in The Positive Way. The Positive Way is a journey made by great men and women over the millenniums. They formulated a strategy that worked and passed it on from generation to generation.’
A graceful welcome to your weekend from me, Anthony Pan seated in my study at the crack of dawn creating Inspiration to pass onto you. I already met the weekend Inspiration in the mannerism that I spoke about earlier this month. It was a great feeling to be touched by Inspiration. From this early morning Inspiration, I am busy writing my article for you called ‘The Positive Way’. I have no idea of the content of the article at this point. What I do know is that it is going to be great, inspiring and motivating. Every article that I create for the day is fresh from the market of Inspiration. I always get up from bed with a written agenda created the previous day. I know what I have to do for the day and simply get on with it. By the end of the day I am generally accomplished and fulfilled. This is the mind-set that works for me and this is the mind-set that I like you to adopt. The Positive Way can be likened to a documentary of my daily routine. It is personal, but if it works for me then it is my duty to pass it on to you. Follow this methodology and you will see a vast difference in your output. I always believe that if you follow righteousness nothing will go wrong. Let us put this to a test for a period of 7 days. To anticipate a better tomorrow, we need to automate our daily grind today.
Bonus Quote
‘To anticipate a better tomorrow, we need to automate our daily grind today.’
What does this mean? Waking up to a new day without preparation can often lead you astray and make you totally unaccomplished and unfulfilled by the end of it. To anticipate a better tomorrow, you have to plan in advance today. Today is generally an automated day because you anticipated it yesterday. To create a better tomorrow always carry a piece of paper and a pen at hand, Donald Trump does it. On this piece of paper, you need to write down anything that is important. A meritocratic Goal Setter is always alert and ready to capture. Don’t use your mobile phone, unless you have to take a snapshot. If there is a new word, an image or an idea write it down. By the end of the day your little piece of paper will help you to write your agenda for tomorrow. Avoid evening meals that makes you feel bloated. This enables you to have a restful and peaceful sleep. Your body is at rest and your mind is constantly at work when you sleep. Your mind is grasping onto that little piece of paper conjuring the making of tomorrow. At the crack of dawn, you need to meet Inspiration with passion and desire before you do anything else. Relieve and cleanse yourself in the usual way thereafter. Head straight for the altar and start your early morning prayer. If time permits partake in some form of exercise to suit you. Before the end of the month I will grant you access to a series of recommended exercises to suit you. Don’t make any purchases on the internet. There are so many misconceptions out there, it is my duty to ensure that you are touched by the right conceptions. The next step is to read your daily agenda written the day before. Mentally you have an idea of what you need to do. Reading your agenda prompts you to take action in the approved way. Success comes from discipline. Discipline comes with practice. To succeed before the end of the day you need to apply Time Management and Self-Control. Time Management is about allocating specific timeslots in your day to a specific task. At the start of a specific task you need to apply your full and dedicated concentration on that task. This is Self-Control. You need to switch off from distractions and switch onto relevant actions. Turn off the TV, turn off the phone, close the door, open your mind, focus on the task, become professional and remain astute. Once the task is completed in the allocated time, highlight it with a highlighter in your memo. This actually empowers to do the next task. Switching off from distractions should never be without interactions. If you are distracted by your pet, your family member or a colleague, stop and unselfishly respond. Once you are finished with the distraction resume your task. It is advisable that before you start a task, ask. Inquire from your family, friends, colleagues and pets if they need you in the next hour. This helps because they know that you will be busy. Always remember to write on your piece of paper anything that will help make tomorrow a better day. Creating a better tomorrow starts today.  Before you retire you need to perspire, inquire, transpire and aspire. I call this the PITA effect. More about the PITA effect in a later instalment. Have a wonderful weekend, take good care and always live in anticipation. Thank you for reading ‘The Positive Way’. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend – Anthony PAN.

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