Friday 5 February 2016

The Positive Tree

The Positive Tree
Quote of the day
‘A positive tree is one that towers into the sky and touches the source of life and that is Inspiration. Inspiration gives the Positive Tree the ability to grow, the ability to sow, the ability to show and the ability to glow. From inspiration we get multiplication and from multiplication we get stabilisation.’
Welcome to the end of the first working week of February, the month of positivity. For your hard work a reward of a restful and peaceful weekend awaits you. To maintain the theme of positivity, I would like to talk about the Positive Tree. Without trees we would not be here. Without the Positive Tree we will never be there. Trees are the birthstones of one’s existence. Everyone will say no, it is the gemstone that is symbolic to one’s existence and birth. Dear Friends, it is the tree and more significantly the Positive Tree that is symbolic to one’s existence and birth as we shall see. Without trees life will be no more. Trees are natures filtration method to remove unwanted gases such as carbon dioxide. It is also the giver of gases in particular oxygen, the essential molecule for the release of energy in all living organisms. Trees bear the foliage of positivity. They bear the foliage of changing colours. They bear the foliage of comfort, protection and food. The Positive Tree starts its life cycle in a pod from GOD. In each pod there are instructions from GOD to grow, grow and grow. To each Pod instructions are given to sow when the time is right, addressed as the season. The Positive Tree knows this and abides by the rules. From the Science of sowing comes more positivity and eventually a forest that brings new life, new wisdom and new generations. The Positive Tree has the ability to show. It shows the world when it is time to migrate, to create, to relocate, to irrigate and to germinate. The ability to show is the essence for both vertebrates and invertebrate to navigate, concentrate, cooperate and to regenerate. The ability to glow makes The Positive Tree the prefect shelter for all living creatures from the adversities of life. Today, I want you to select a tree or a group of trees and look after them in the same way that they look after you. I want you to wake up each morning and look at your positive tree to inspire you in the same way your positive tree gets its own inspiration. Inspiration is the message code from our Heavenly Father written in a dialogue that the recipient such as The Positive Tree can understand. This channel of communication is a conduit from the tree to the Heavens above. It is an electromagnetic signal that is too complex for us to see and to understand. It is a symphony that angels hover in tune with. It is a Universal Language that navigates itself across the vastness of the cosmos. This is the inspiration that I want you to be in tune with. It is about believing before receiving. It is about receiving before perceiving. It is about perceiving before achieving. It is the way of the world. It is the mannerism of the heavens above. It is the Science of existence. It is what the Positive Tree understands. It is what we need to understand before we can plan, expand and take over the land. February is the month of positivity. By the end of February, you will see a pattern. A pattern that looks like the planet Saturn. From a distance Saturn looks like concentric rings of eccentricity. However, when you get close enough it is actually the beginning of a new home, for a new generation and for a second chance to start all over again. Don’t think negativity in February. Don’t destroy a tree. Treat each chosen tree or groups of trees as your responsibility. If you have a single tree or a million trees in your domain, please look after them. Within an instance you will see a vast difference in your life. Have a wonderful Friday. You earned it, now go out there and enjoy it. 48 hours of rest, relaxation and personal freedom is at your disposal.

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