Friday, 19 February 2016

The Angel in your life

The Angel in your life
Quote of the day
‘When Fascination comes upon you in a crisp, clear, defined and panoramic view you know that the Angel in your life has made that connection. When procrastination comes upon you in a soggy, unclear, undefined and satanic view you know that the beast has made that connection. Fascination or Procrastination – it is your future.’
A very, very splendid welcome to the end of our working week. It is a great feeling to know that 48 hours of our very own rest and relaxation awaits us. Did you glide smoothly through your weekly tasks? Gliding through your chores makes you feel accomplished and fulfilled. To achieve this weekly feat, you need to start with pen and paper in hand and etch the future of your life into it. A little help from your very own guardian angel can make all the difference. Your very own guardian angel helps you to create a crisp, clear, defined and panoramic view of opportunities available to you. The procedure is the same all over the world. Start on a Monday and execute 5 days of work and follow it with a sumptuous weekend. Repeat this for the rest of your life adhering strictly to what you wrote in your very own piece of paper.
Previous Quote
‘Nothing will go wrong if you do things right. Conversely nothing will be right if you do things wrong.’ 
This is so true.If you etched into your piece of paper the symphony of your successful life in correct strokes of positivity and unselfishness nothing will go wrong. Your guardian Angel will guide you all the way to your final destination. Fascination is the carrier modulation to success. Like a Radio wave that carries a radio station signal fascination will carry you to your final victory. Fascination is something that we need to be absorbed by. It should attract our attention at all times. Whatever is good will be crisp, clear, defined and panoramic. Whatever is bad will be soggy, unclear, undefined and satanic. What we see we must embrace it with Fascination. We need to become amazed by the colour spectrum of life. From deep in the blue waters of the Pacific to the tip of the Himalayas there is Fascination. From the tip of the Antarctica to top of the Artic there is Fascination. From the corridors of your life, in your home, at work, at school, in the commons, along the banks of your canals and in the flea market stalls there Is Fascination. From birth to death there is Fascination. From Longevity to Eternity there is Fascination. From a grain of sand to a pebble and finally a rock there is Fascination. From the ripple on the pond to the breaker along the coasty shoreline there is Fascination. From shoals of sardines to a rockery of albatross there is Fascination. From cultures of bacteria to armies of caterpillars there is Fascination. From herds of elephants to mobs of Emus there is Fascination. Our Guardian Angels makes us see opportunities in the world like never before. Such marvels inspire us to write things down in our memos. They make memos exciting for you. They make your life more adventurous. They make you the successful person you are meant to be. Our Guardian Angels remind us that if there is so much of wonder, splendour and grandeur in life surely there must be wonder, splendour and grandeur in our lives too. This is so true. If a caterpillar can turn into a moth than why can we not turn failure into success. If an elephant can remember with great dignity about distance, smell and sociability than we can remember to do basic things to maintain our dignity. Follow the guidance of your Guardian Angel and fill the emptiness of your life with the fullness of living it. Wake up gracefully each and be fascinated with everything that you see. If it’s good, then it shall remain good. If it is bad, try to put it right. I wish you a wonderful Friday and may you enjoy every second of your weekend. In the today’s motivational video, I include clips which I think should fascinate you. Fascination is the key to your overall success.

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