Monday 8 February 2016

Positive Friends

Positive Friends
Quote of the day
‘To succeed in life you need to bathe in a constant stream of positivity. This includes sticking to friends that are positive. If you sense a detachment in positive thinking don’t be alarmed it’s just the temperament of your friends who need some space.’
Bonus Quote
‘Everyone is a friend but the harmony of friendship is attuned to one’s temperament. Good temperaments promote good harmony and bad temperaments promote bad harmony.’
Previous Quote
‘The bandwidth of friendship is infinite but to attach a figure to friendship I think 7 billion friends would suffice in a lifetime’
A very windy welcome to the 1st working day of a new working week from us here in good old London Town. Did you have a pleasant, restful and relaxing weekend? Did you fire your cells to perform well in this week’s agenda? In keeping with the theme of positivity I decided to talk about Positive Friends. Friendship is your greatest comfort zone in life. Without friends there can never be comfort. However, Friends are human beings that can err, flare, scare, stare and can be elsewhere. Success in life depends on the well-being of all human beings, yes all 7 billion of us. Unlike our forefather in Adam we cannot survive without the help of friends. Our forefather in Adam had to do everything on his own with just a little help from The Universe. His domain was manageable. Our domain is considerably larger at 5.1×108 km2. Without the help of friends such a chore is unmanageable. Friends from across the globe have their ups and downs. No one is perfect, we can only show by example how important it is to be responsible. In order to glide smoothly during your day, you need to assess the temperament of the person that you meet. A good temperament is something that you feel, sense and watch. Such an aura is captivating. A bad temperament is also something that you feel, sense and watch. Such an aura is quite complicating. Dear Friends, I say onto you and verily too, where there are good moods there will always be good attitudes. Where there are bad moods there will always be bad attitudes. You need to know the difference. Step aside and let bad moods fade away. Step inside the ballroom of friendship when good moods cascades into a playground of laughter and joy. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you must remember, like you everyone goes through ups and downs. If there is an opportunity to help we must try to help. If help is not needed, we must not force our intent. What was good yesterday cannot always be good tomorrow. This is human nature. We need to understand this to survive. We need to understand this to thrive. We need to understand this in order to drive forward in our daily tasks. Positive Friends always work together to get the job done, to build the bridge to success, to happiness and to peace. When positive friends turn into negative friends learn to understand this and give them their space. Positivity is born every second, just give it time to flourish again and then resume your status. Always remember you need friends as much as they need you. Start your working week with a friendly smile for this helps the ball of positivity to flow more easily. Have a wonderful working week. Don’t be afraid to work it is part of life. You will be rewarded well for your humility.

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