Thursday 4 February 2016

The Composite Link

The Composite Link
Quote of the day
‘Every chain is the same made up of links that combine to form either a torus or roller chain. Like chains your life is made up of similar links. Each link can be likened to a goal. If one link in the chain is weak it weakens the entire structure. Likewise, if one of your goals is weak it will affect your entire life.’
A very warm greeting to all of you on this Thursday, the 4th of February 2016. It is warm for the time of year in good old London Town. Nevertheless, we need to constantly persevere in the cold weather or in the hot weather. We are human beings with the appendages to adapt. Yesterday, my article called Destinations, London was intended to stimulate you to find a holiday destination for 2016. It does not have to be London but my intentions were purely to stimulate and strengthen your goals. Each goal in your life is a like a link that amalgamates with the next goal in your life. Whatever your goals are they need to be strong. Universally Friendly is a resource centre or an information centre to stimulate all its members to become creative in the most profitable way. I use the words ‘profitable way’ because time is our greatest asset. Although limited to 100 years on Earth it is vital that we expend it profitably. Kirk Douglas once said in a recent interview, ‘I would really like to live to 100 years of age.’ He knows in his heart that his life has a purpose. When you look into his illustrious career the evidence of purpose is clearly defined. You need to maintain a similar mind-set. You need to strengthen your goals by constantly updating them to meet current trends and your changeable ideas. Today your goal may be to purchase a 4 by 4 motor vehicle. Tomorrow that goal may change to a hybrid car. The goal is the same but the content differs. This is why you need to strengthen your goals, update your content and increase information relevant to that goal. Purchasing a home also differs in content. Purchasing a flat screen TV also differs in content. The goals are the same but the content differs. Every chain is the same made up of links that combine to either a torus or roller chain. If one link is weak then the entire chain becomes weak. Every goal is the same made up of links that combine to form the success level of a person. Weaken anyone of those links and your entire success falls apart. Years of hard work falls to pieces and irretrievable time is lost. Money also collapses like the stock market. Your health too can become affected. Dear Friends, I urge you to strengthen your goals. Each goal must be contained in a folder, labelled clearly and made assessable at any time in the day. As you meet a new day your mind is constantly meeting new information. Some of this information as simple as a word and complex as a figure can alter your goal. Such information must be encrypted in your relevant folder. At the moment I have over 25 goals with each goal put into a specific folder. Each folder is constantly being updated. Sometimes there may be no changes at all but what changes is the input. Having a folder of goals is of little value unless I add input to it. So, if London is my destination for a holiday then I need to constantly input something into my folder. Images, videos, Inspiration, Information, Articles, Brochures, Insurance, Budget and Backups are some forms of daily inputs. A greater enhancement to strengthen your goals is to put aside some funds. Take a tenner out of your pocket and put it into your folder. This really makes the whole visionary of a goal become alive like two emerging reproductive cells multiplying each day to create a final output. Destination, London is just one of your many goals in life. There are other goals too. I have 25 active goals at the moment. Although we are fundamentally the same we differ in our collective goals which makes us unique. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls start strengthening your goals daily. Input equals output. Input zero effort into your folder and you shall receive a zero output. Instil a seed of passion and desire and you shall reap the harvest of your efforts in due course. You must physically see your goals in front of you every single day. Don’t tug them away. Let them roam freely in the corridors of your daily agenda. Doing this makes you more positive. It is very much like a daily workout. Start walking a few steps and within a few days you shall walk a few miles. Continue this with passion and desire and you shall walk the distance of the Earth’s circumference. Inspiration gets you started, positivity keeps you going. Build on this cliché and you shall build an empire. Remember every link in a chain must be strong for the chain to effectively work. Likewise, every goal in your dreams must be strong in order to fully unleash your true potential. This takes time but time is what you have. Inspiration is always there like the air, the energy, the substrate, the platform and the workers of the earth. Have a wonderful Thursday. Use every single day of February to build your strength using Inspiration from the right source.

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