Wednesday 24 February 2016

Your Universally Friendly Hardware Store

Your Universally Friendly Hardware Store
Quote of the day
‘Hardware is something you can physically touch or feel. Software on the other hand is something that enables the hardware to work. In order for you to succeed in the 21st Century you need access to both.’
Bonus Quote
‘The Universally Friendly Hardware Store has current information to assist you, available 24/7. Information is readily available through the Information Highway, but not all information is relevant, useful or beneficial. To gain the right support that you need to succeed in life you need to visit Your Universally Friendly Hardware Store regularly.’
Welcome to the final midweek of February 2016. I called February the month of positivity because it followed January, the month of Activity. March is rated as the month of Motivity. April becomes the month of Productivity. May is the month of Resistivity. June is the month of Selectivity and July is the month of Relativity. August is the month of Hyperactivity and September is the month of Passivity. October is the month of Affectivity and November is the month of Reactivity. Finally, December is the month of Creativity. Let me elaborate on some of the descriptions outlined above. December is referred to as the month of Creativity because this is where we create goals. These goals or Resolutions becomes the climax of each The New year that awaits us. In January we start a period of Activity to realise our goals. Our Active theme for January 2016 was a Perfect Life, Perfect Dreams, Perfect Vacations, Perfect Vocations, Perfect Goals, Perfect Friends, Perfect Families and a Perfect Environment. We started our activities in January 2016 with strong foundations such as using The Laws of the Universe to turn negatives into Positives. In February we became Positive with Inspirational articles in such as Fascination as a starting to illuminate our goals. February is the month for Positivity and will always be. March is the month of Motivity. 31 vibrant articles, Quotes and Videos awaits you. It is what I call marching into March with Motivation. Every month holds a period of the AIM Factor. Do you remember when we spoke about the AIM Factor? The AIM Factor referred to Aspirations, Inspirations and Motivations. Every month in your life holds the key to a subtle AIM Factor bespoke to your very needs. To effect such a need, you need the right tools. It is a bit like visiting a local hardware store seeking the right tool for the right job. A hoe for the snow, a spade for the trade and a drill for the mill. Every tool is designed for a purpose. A screwdriver for the driver, a desktop for the shop and a laptop for the treetop. A spoon to scoop the prunes, a knife for the housewife, a truck to remove the muck and a car to travel far. Every tool can be regarded as a machine to do work. To succeed in life, you need the right tools and your Universally Friendly Hardware Store is stocked with such tools. Tomorrow we shall look at a unique tool to supplement your daily agenda, it is called Destinations, the Ultimate Diary. Destinations, the Ultimate Diary was a journal that I designed 21 years ago. Unlike other Diaries Destinations is actually a biography of your life. Dear Friends, don’t be hasty and pay the earth for unnecessarily tools to seek your fortune. Be patient and visit your Universally Friendly Hardware Store to gain the right tools for the right job. For those of you that are subscribers to my free newsletter will know exactly what tools are available to you. Most of them are free such as Articles, Quotes, Videos. eBooks, Books, Prints, DVDs, CDs, Posters, Greeting Cards, Newsletters and Newspapers. I wish you an absolutely wonderful midweek from the bottom of my heart. Don’t forget in order to succeed you need the right tool. 

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