Saturday 13 February 2016

Your Weekend Itinerary

Your Weekend Itinerary
Quote of the day
‘Making the most out of your weekends depends on how FAST you were yesterday. To be FAST on Friday means you were Fulfilled, Accomplished, Successful and Thankful. If so, then you need to spend the next 48 hours pampering yourself with the spoils of your efforts.’
Welcome to your very own Primetime, a time where you become in charge and a time where you need a complete recharge. To enjoy the fruits of my weekend I always plan an effective Itinerary. The world has so much to offer. You can become an artist in your own right over the weekends without having to be critiqued. It is your Primetime to do what you want to do. Staying at home offers ample relaxation. Family togetherness generates tenderness, gentleness and kindness. These are qualities that you will never get in the working environment. A spot of gardening helps to keeps trees healthy and wealthy. Home cuisine outweighs outdoor cuisine. The culinary benefits are worth the effort to create the perfect meals that everyone enjoys. Moving outdoors offers an endless array of worthy opportunities for you to enjoy from mini-breaks abroad to day trips in your own city. The night life brings different lights into perspective. Dining out helps to refine your weekends too. A walk in the countryside helps to invigorate your spirits for the new working week. Take a ramble or an amble and feel the freedom of life. Life is always wonderful if you want it to be. You need the mind-set to be FAST by Friday afternoon at the very least. A Meritocratic Goal Setter always aims to be FAST. FAST stands for Fulfilment, Accomplishment, Successful and Thankful. To be fulfilled by the end of the working week implies that you are always satisfied with your performance despite the ups and downs of life. Your primary aim is to deliver your best and generally to a standard not above the rest but certainly without stress. To be accomplished by the end of your working week implies that you are always aiming to complete all tasks as set out in your diary. These tasks are undertaken with professionalism and has your seal of personalisation. This is a standard to attain, maintain and sustain. Yesterday we spoke about Seasonal Quotes. Seasonal Quotes are useful tools for you to keep. Soon I will give you access to Destinations. Destinations is a Diary that I designed to meet the demands of modern life. Destinations helps you to be FAST by the end of the week. To aim to succeed in life is an ongoing process. We know that if we do things rights nothing will go wrong. A meritocratic Goal Setter of whom you are bears this fundamental rule to succeed in mind. They know what to do and they know how to do it with passion and desire. To be thankful at the end of the week for your safety, for your security and for your sanity is something you must exercise. You must offer gratitude for your safety, security and sanity to Almighty GOD who watches over you daily. Be proud, be FAST and aim for the best possible lifestyle that your heart desires. Work hard and be on your guard. Have a wonderful weekend. With love and best wishes to all my friends from around the world – Anthony Pan

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