Wednesday 17 February 2016

Fascinating Gems

Fascinating Gems
Quote of the day
‘Fascination is an attractive pastime for human beings from the beginning of their time to the very end of it. The allurement of Fascination keeps us awake, fired and expectant. The real question to ask is, how fascinated are you?’
Bonus Quote
Fascination Allures Successful Candidates In Never-ending Aspirations Through Inspirational Opportunities & Nobility.’
It is midweek yet again, we are right in the middle of our weekly tasks and of course in the middle of Winter if you live in the northern hemisphere. It is bitterly cold today with the likelihood of snow flurries or sleet. Drivers and pedestrians please be aware . I would like to talk about the word Fascination today because Fascination is the forerunner to Innovation, Creativity and Spectacle. The more fascinated you are the more innovative, creative and spectacular you will become. How fascinated are you? To excel in life you need to be fascinated with life, you need to rise as high as the falcon and sink as deep as the squid. To become fit and fecund you need to explore your deepest Fascination and then unveil your greatest admiration. What sparkles your interest? How intense is your passion and desire? How fascinated are you? Today’s video takes you on a travel quiz from the ancient world to the modern world. While watching this video I want you to name as many landmarks as you can. This trivia will determine how fascinated you really are. Fascination fires you to aspire. Fascination triggers you to become inspired. Fascination stimulates you to be motivated. Fascination is a powerhouse on its own. Your personal circumstances could be the result of your fascination. An astronaut will often say that he or she was once fascinated by the Apollo landing. A songwriter will often say that he or she was fascinated with Gershwin, McCartney or Hammerstein. Dear Friends try to increase your Fascination on a daily basis. You need to seek to to avoid becoming weak. You need to look inside the book to become hooked. When you wake up each morning wake up to a world of Fascination. Lift up the covers from your inhibitions and let the STARDUST from above come flowing in. Be fascinated by the world. Be fascinated by the people that live in it. Be fascinated by the broad spectrum of life from simple organisms to complex organisms.  Fight the constant rage that confronts you by closing the page to daily afflictions. Bring down the curtain to shyness, hesitation and confusion. Become fascinated rather than procrastinated. Have a wonderful and fascinating midweek.

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