Sunday, 14 February 2016

Weekend Reflections

Weekend Reflections
Quote of the day
‘Weekend Reflections are as important as Weekend Projections. Before you retire you need to admire your personal 48 hours, aspire from it, inspire above it and keep your goals on fire.’
A very, very Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends from around the world. I wish you a wonderful and romantic day filled with all the happiness you deserve. Greetings from good old London Town. It is bitterly cold and there is a likely chance of seeing some snow or a dusting of it. Did you have a wonderful weekend filled with joy and happiness? Do you feel revived, revitalised and renewed? Such feelings become apparent when you have utilised your weekend to the best of your ability. As for me, I feel really revived, revitalised and renewed. I enjoyed every second of my weekend and I am looking forward to the new working week. To reflect on your weekend activities helps you to project the outcome of your new working week, it really does. Generally, a good weekend gives one the spirit to meet the new working week in a professional and profitable way. When you have that unique feeling of admiration of your personalised 48 hours you often get aspiration and inspiration from it. The Science of Aspiration is the unique faculty to create specific needs for a specific person.  Enjoying your weekends creates this incredible niche to make you want to create wish lists and the power to receive them. My weekend was a really exciting one. We spent the day in the city and enjoyed the Chinese New Year’s celebrations in Trafalgar Square. 

We also went to the cinema to see ‘A Bigger Splash'. 

It is an erotic thriller set in Italy and stars Ralph Fiennes. I gave it a rating of 3.5. We visited Chinatown and enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal. We also went to Southwark Cathedral for Service. Dear Friends, weekend reflections are as important as weekend projections.  If you reflect on the last 48 hours and found it to be good, then the next 120 hours will be equally good. I wish you a wonderful evening. Sleep well and dream well for tomorrow is the maker of dreams.

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