Thursday 18 February 2016

Don’t augment, segment

Don’t augment, segment
Quote of the day
 ‘One of the greatest mistakes is that we make is that we take problems and augment them. I say onto you and verily too, take problems and segment them. Don’t augment, segment. It will help you to be content, to prevent further problems, to invent newer strategies, to be present and to represent your presence.’
Greetings to all of you on this brighter day here in good old London Town. I am delighted to say that I am fascinated with my life. Goal searching becomes easier when you become fascinated. One of the reasons why we lack fascination is that we are too busy with procrastination. We take mundane situations in life and turn them into a saga of pain and strain without any real gain. I always say don’t augment, segment. Take every situation in life and deal with it bit by bit. Augmentation amplifies situations in life. Segmentation reduces the complexities of different situations in life. What is augmentation and what is segmentation? To understand this, I need to remind you of a previous Quote that I wrote. Dear Friends, you must understand that every Quote written by me is original and not copied from another source. All my Quotes are inspired by my fascination with The Universe and with my life. To date I have written over 1700 Quotes. I am writing to tell you this for a reason. All the Quotes are written are not only for my daily reference but for yours too. Somewhere in the corridors of your troubles Universally Friendly will provide the tailored made resolution for you. This is what I want to achieve in due course. I want to create a reference online library where you the user can access information at any time. There is a lot of work to be done to reach the final platitude of my dreams but when it is finished it will be well worth it.
Previous Quote
‘Avoidance is better than pursuance. Avoidance lasts for a split second but pursuance can last for a lifetime.’
Augmentation is the process of magnifying a simple problem into a complex one. This then leads to intensification of one’s predicament. Segmentation is the process of dividing a complex problem into a simple one. This then leads to a reduction process, a reduction of one’s predicament. Don’t augment, segment. It will help you to be content, to prevent further problems, to invent newer strategies, to be present and to represent your presence. To be contented in your life helps you to appreciate your life even more. It makes you feel purposeful. Prevention is said to be better than cure. I would like to expand on this by saying if you remain pure and sure there will no need for a cure. Segmentation helps you to become inventive. It helps you to develop new strategies to avoid old catastrophes. Segmentation makes you aware of your problems and acknowledges your problems equally. Because you are aware of your problems and that you are dealing with it you are very unlikely to make the same mistake again. All problems are solvable. It takes time, patience and the will to undo a difficult situation. Segmentation grants you the premise to undo what has happened to you. What is phenomenal can be divisible into manageable workloads.  Have a pleasant evening and always remember don’t augment, segment.

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