Monday, 18 May 2015

Shower with Power

Shower with Power
Quote of the day
‘Power is your ability and Capacity to unleash your full potential. To make the impossible become possible you need to shower yourself with power.’
Bonus Quote
‘Power Obliterates Worries, Enmities and Repugnance.’

Dear Friends we all experienced both sides of the coin. We all saw struggle on one side of the coin and experienced freedom on the other side of the coin. Each day of experiences in your life can be likened to tossing a coin and which side the coin lands on will determine your day, your working week or your entire life. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I want to tell you that you have the power to land on the right side of the coin every single day. I say this compliantly because I know the experiences one shares when one lands on the side of struggle and on the side of freedom. I tell you why because I lived a life for almost 35 years where I landed like a magnetic material onto the blatant side of struggle each day. I had to endure almost 12775 days of struggle for no reason at all. I was compressed into feeling I was inferior. I was suppressed on a daily basis into feeling that I was just someone that lived on a day to day basis without a cause. I was oppressed by my peers, family and friends and taken advantage of at every given moment. I was depressed for almost 4 decades into a bitter struggle to escape the shallow end of misery. I was stressed by constant bullying and overcome by constant intimidation. I was dispossessed twice in my life for those 35 years, thrown out into the streets on my feet, treated so unfairly and cheated so openly. Yes, I know the feelings of struggle for I endured it for so long. Today I stand in front of your screens with a full confession, to tell you openly that for the last 20 years I tasted the other of the coin and that is freedom. I am now free from the talons of Human Greed, I am now free from the hostility of both man and woman, I am now free from the pressures of modern life and I am now free to live my life the way I want to live it. I now have POWER. For Power Obliterates Worries, Enmities and Repugnance. Today I want you to know this and I want you to start landing on the right side of the coin every single day from now on. I want you to write down on a piece of paper your feelings of compression, suppression, oppression, depression, stress and dispossession. Now I want you to read it aloud each day when you get up from your bed. I want you to see the cruel side of the coin and realise its downside. Now I want you to flip the coin and see the upside to your life. Which side of the coin would you like to land on? I say onto you once again and verily too always choose the side of the coin that gives you freedom to do what you want to do and freedom to say what you want to say. For if your passage in life is altruistic in nature you shall command the seas when there is a tidal wave and gather the clouds where there is drought. To ignite your desire you need POWER and that POWER comes from above. So, when you start your day in prayer, pray wholeheartedly for POWER to be unleashed from within you so that you may fall on the right side of the coin at all times.

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